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A full IB continuum school

Developing the Whole child

Preparing the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Developing rigorous academic standards

A caring community

A truly International experience

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shanghai community international school

From nursery and preschool, all the way through grade 12, students at Shanghai Community International School are provided with opportunities to explore their passions in a caring, nurturing, and differentiated environment. Students and teachers join together in learning to appreciate the differences that both enrich us individually as well as create bonds within our community at large.

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what defines us?

We develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring learners who contribute positively to their communities.

IB World School

SCIS is one of the first international schools in Shanghai to become fully authorized as an IB Continuum World School, a rigorous academic program.

Diverse Community

Since 1996, families from different continents have enrolled at SCIS. This school year alone, SCIS has students from over 65 countries, speaking more than 45 languages.

Successful Athletics Program

We take pride in ensuring our athletics are done the right way — a way that builds character and leads to a better life.

Passionate Educators

At SCIS, the taught curriculum is robust, well-rounded, and fueled by teachers who are as passionate as they are talented and knowledgeable about their subject areas.

World-class Facilities

Established in 1996, SCIS has three campuses spread across Shanghai, including locations in Puxi and Pudong, and offers a seamless international program for students age 2 -18.

Expansive After School Activities

With over 100 after school activities offered at SCIS, students have the chance to work together around a specific interest and follow their shared passions.

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SCIS News & stories

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