The facilities at our schools include well-equipped classrooms; five cafeterias and three cafes; a private library with over 30,000 unaltered English books; multiple theatres from auditoriums to black boxes; sport venues like soccer pitches, swimming pools, and gymnasiums; kid-friendly zones with both outdoor and indoor edu-tainment and areas; and a health clinic staffed with full time nurses at every campus.


Spacious well-equipped classrooms form the backbone of our facilities.  We have some of the finest academic learning centers in all of China.  Our schools have been the sites of many organizational conferences and educational workshops.  In 2013 we hosted a range of official IB workshops with over 600 participants, and in 2014 we hosted the annual ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools) conference with approximately 500 participants.  Most importantly though, our classroom are the first sites where rigorous learning takes place for our students.

  • SmartBoards – What would happen if you crossed an IPad with a giant school white board?  A SmartBoard.  All of our ECE classrooms are equipped with one of these, giving teachers a powerful and creative way to deliver their lessons.
  • Science Labs – Separate state of the art labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology allow students the resources necessary to specialize in their scientific endeavors.
  • Art Studios – Interested in Painting?  Pottery?  Charcoal?  Ceramics?  Sketching?  Photography? Architecture?  Mixed Media?  Our art studios have what you need!  It’s all a part of our motto of providing opportunities.
  • Dance Halls – Spacious wooden spring-loaded floors with floor to ceiling mirrors allow students to pursue the dance of their choice.  It is not uncommon for ballroom dancing to be happening in one place with hip-hop breakdancing in another.

Dining Services

Every campus has its own cafeteria, kitchen, and head chef operated by the Sanxi F&B Management group, a company with a 6 year track record of success in the food and beverage industry here in Shanghai.

Food is prepared on site, with Master Chef Nick Huo overseeing the preparation. A truly international cuisine, consisting of everything from American dishes to Thai curry and from German meats to Japanese fish is served. Additionally, each canteen has a full salad bar, fruit bar, and sandwich bar. For families that wish, vegetarian options are offered at every meal and available to all ages (yes, even at nursery).

Equally important, we offer a range of services designed for those with special allergy needs. First, if the student communicates his or her allergy to the Chef, a special dish can be prepared to meet the individual need. Second, if the student wishes to bring food prepared at home, food storage and reheating services are offered and readily available.

​In addition to the cafeteria, Illy Café’s are open every day on upper school campuses from 7:30 – 16:30. Need your fix of Oriental Tea? French Baguettes? Brazilian Coffee? Or perhaps a slice of New York Cheesecake? Come check the café out. It’s a natural gathering place for students, faculty, and parents alike.


One of the biggest English Libraries in China!
​Over the past 18 years, we have amassed 34,920 books. While the vast majority are in English, we do have a collection of books in Chinese, French, Spanish, and many other languages as well. With comfortable and quiet seating, it offers a wonderful atmosphere to get lost in words. In addition to our printed books, we have a wide array of electronic resources to meet student needs of the 21st century. Students have access to:
  • JSTOR (a college level non-fiction database)
  • QUESTIA School (research database with full-text ebooks that you can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world)
  • New York Times electronic subscription
  • On campus electronic access to The Economist magazine
Amid the books and databases, all of our Libraries are technologically equipped to assist student learning. A projection system is set up on each campus for teaching and interactive learning. And IMAC Workstations are available equipped with 27” screens, Adobe Creative Suites, and dedicated VPN’s. SCIS’s experienced and knowledgeable overseas staff offer general orientation, work with classes to teach students how to research, and are available to help individual students with curriculum integrated research projects.


Impressive Auditoriums, Large Black Boxes, and Sleek Museums—SCIS has the facilities to bring artistic vision to life.
SCIS Hongqiao and SCIS Pudong both have two-story state-of-the-art auditoriums that seat 800 people and 1000 people respectively. During the year, you can catch students of all ages doing things like performing Broadway Musicals, symphony concerts, choir recitals, and dance shows. Additionally, the auditoriums provide the perfect backdrop for visiting authors and famous motivational speakers.

For those that find a traditional auditorium to restrictive for their creative minds, SCIS Pudong recently finished an enormous 10,000 square foot Black Box theatre. As our students are fond of saying, “The only limit here in the mind.” It is the perfect venue for what some call “pure” theatre.

Each campus also had a dedicated museum space to celebrate the next generation of visual artists. Take a quiet stroll through the 3rd floor upper to see the students in a different light.

Dance Halls

Large wooden spring-loaded dance halls are available at all schools starting at Grade 6.  These dedicated dance halls were specifically built to be versatile enough to cover all expressions of dance.  Floor to ceiling mirrors, wooden ballet rails, mounted aerial circus cloths…all can be found here.

Art Studios

Dedicated art studios exist for all Lower School’s, Middle School’s, and High School’s.  Materials are on hand and readily available for students to express themselves through whatever medium their artistic vision requires. Painting canvases, charcoal stations, pottery kilns, digital photography workstations, ceramic papers, sketching pencils….SCIS seeks to always provide students with opportunities. 


Dragon’s Lair Gymnasium: Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair!  Our full size gymnasium is known to get loud with school pride during D1 basketball and volleyball games.   With seating to accommodate up to 500 fans, our gymnasiums are proudly known to opponents as a tough place to play.

Football Pitch / All Purpose Fields: Covered with state-of-the-art artificial grass, our fields are “fast” and are always in perfect playing condition.  As the leaves turn orange in the fall, come out to appreciate a rugby game.  Then as the sun comes out in the spring, bring a lawn chair to cheer on the football teams.

Dragon House Swimming Pool: Our half Olympic sized swimming pools are six lanes wide and are equally equipped for competitive racing and swimming lessons.  Swim records proudly hang around the pool.  “Dry land” equipment is available to help with training.  And, in here, the second hand clock is always running.  For are younger and/or beginner swimmers, pool tables, floaties, and swim stroke charts are available to help our dragons feel at home in the water.  Lastly, through our lifeguard and CPR program, we have safety equipment and lifesaving training dummies to practice on.

Strength and Conditioning “Weight Room”: All upper school’s are equipped with strength and conditioning centers, also known as “weight rooms.”  While each school’s center is slightly different (SCIS-PD has a crossfit style gym and SCIS-HQ has a more traditional weight room) all of them have experienced fitness coaches ready to help students achieve their goals.

Rock Climbing Wall: SCIS-HQ has a 30 foot high Indoor Rock Climbing complex.  With three different top rope belays and multiple different leveled routes, it provides a thrilling outlet for those yearning for the outdoors. 

Kid Friendly​

Our school’s are designed and created with the “whole child” in mind. Taking that philosophy and applying it to play, the biggest dilemma our younger kids face is which play structure to play on.

Our Jungle Gym Playgrounds are top of the line. Imported from Denmark, they are guaranteed to be safe (chemical-free) and sturdy. Kids have the options of playing on wide variety of different age-appropriate structures. As an additional safety measure and added layer of protection, these outdoor playgrounds are built over a soft ground.

Nestled away in different pockets inside our buildings, are different Indoor Fun Centers for kids. Here ball pits, giant trampolines, slides, elevated tunnels, and obstacle courses allow young students play areas when the weather is uncooperative.

And as every two, three, and four year old knows, no tour of the play area would be complete without mentioning the Sand Pit. Little plastic dinosaur bones are even buried in the bottom for kids to dig up.

​Lastly, additional resources are available to the young ones like glass painting walls, dedicated chalk areas, and Rhythm and Movement classrooms.


SCIS makes student health a top priority. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to ensure that our schools are one of the safest places your kids will ever be in China.

With Air Quality being a top concern of families in China, in 2013 we partnered with Pure Living and spent over $1.5 million USD to install centralized air filtrations systems across all of our campuses. The air is now guaranteed to always be between 1-50 on the USA Pollution Index scale all day every day.

Every campus also has a full health clinic staffed by professional nurses from WorldPath clinic. They are fully trained and experienced in pediatric needs. They are also connected to the hospitals and always have an emergency vehicle on stand by in case anything major should happen.