Mission and Vision


To develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners who contribute positively to their communities. 


SCIS strives to take full advantage of our international community and the circumstances that make international schools the dynamic places that they are. Our teaching faculty is recruited internationally and represents the best in current educational practice. These educators are selected for their qualifications, their passion for teaching, their dedication to students, and their enthusiasm for the level and subject matter which they teach. These teachers operate in a resource-rich, safe and nurturing learning environment.

Our program leads ultimately to the International Baccalaureate Diploma and world-wide university placement. Elementary and Middle School years follow a sequential course to equip students with requisite verbal, mathematical, analytical and higher-thinking skills, whether they study at SCIS for a couple of years or continue on at the High School level with the I.B. curriculum.Our admissions criteria limit enrollment of students to those with a reasonable expectation of success in these programs.

Our administration marshals and organizes the talents of our teachers, fosters student achievement, oversees the prudent allocation of SCIS resources, and insures ongoing self-assessment and improvement processes. They oversee the establishment and monitoring of safe and welcoming campus facilities conducive to the successful delivery of our programs. Our approach is that of a private or independent school. As such, we are not subject to the dictates of regional educational authorities such as those of a U.S. state public school system or a national education department. Our program actively engages students, fosters academic vitality and excellence, allows for each student's personal and social development, and encourages achievement in the arts, athletics, and social service. 
Our students go on to study at selective universities the world over.