Anias Gallet, Class of 2013. Attending University of Bristol, England. SCIS-Pudong.

“The biggest difference in coming from a truly international school is definitely the readiness for diversity and the unknown.  Of course, you acquire new and varied knowledge in any school, but a truly international school takes that a step further.  Even outside of the classroom, you are always exposed to different cultures or different ways of thinking.  That ‘conditions’ you to consider different perspective and accept them.”

Sam Kane, Class of 2010. Graduated from Georgetown University, currently a Research Associate at Zeichner Risk Analytics. SCIS-Pudong.

“When I first set foot in Washington, DC to begin my freshman year at Georgetown University, I arrived with the writing, analysis, and critical-thinking skills needed to succeed at the university level. SCIS played a key role in helping me to develop these abilities. Spending several years within SCIS’s small-school environment allowed me to receive personalized instruction from my teachers that proved critical in preparing me for life after high school. Getting to spend six years immersed in SCIS’s international student body in one of the most vibrant cities in Asia was just icing on the cake.”

Ye Li Park, Class of 2013. Studying in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. SCIS-Hongqiao.

“SCIS helped me a lot to grow up as an individual and as a person. SCIS, just like its name, is a community and everyone is willing to help. Unlike most Korean students, I decided to go to the States for university. Since I decided where I wanted to go late in the college process, my college counselor, Mr Katz helped a lot in narrowing down the universities. He explained to me the characteristics of each school and helped me tremendously with my interviews. Overall, it was a great experience to have four years at SCIS.”

Joey Gribble, Class 2013. Studying at UC Davis. SCIS-Hongqiao.

"I am adjusting well to UC Davis. The computer science program is living up to my expectations and I am really enjoying learning about a wide variety of aspects related to the subject. I’ve made some great friends with similar interests to me and had fantastic adventures with them. Recently, I participated in the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California Speech Contest and achieved 3rd place thanks to my wonderful Chinese teacher at UC Davis, and all that I learned at SCIS. Doing the IB program at SCIS not only allowed me to enter college at a much higher academic level than my peers, but I also received a significant amount of college credit for doing well on the diploma. I feel so lucky to have come from a diverse international background and definitely miss attending SCIS and being so close with teachers and friends."


Cynthia, Fred, Marina and Guilherme Jardim, SCIS-Pudong Brazilian Family.

“We are writing to say that Marina and Guilherme are doing very well academically in Seoul Foreign School (SFS). They are also comfortable, confident and have made friends already. We can see here how well SCIS prepared them for the world. We want to say thank you so much one more time for the 5 and a half wonderful years we had at SCIS. We love SCIS and “Once a dragon, always a dragon”!”

Shirley Zhu, SCIS-Pudong Parent.

“SCIS is such a wonderful school, kids learn academic, music, art and PE in a fun and efficient way. When they joined the school here, they caught up easily with their classmate, their current teachers are so surprised that Jason and Katie's English is so good now! Both of them are the top in their class for math, though a little bit weak on reading which is common in multi-cultural families. I personally would like to thank the SCIS community too, my spoken English improved a lot during those years when I joined a lot events. Without those experiences in SCIS, our life would be very tough right now. Thanks!”

Claudio Tamez, New Parent in 2014.

“We looked at every school here; I can only speak for myself; But there is no better place than SCIS for my family.”

An SCIS Parent at a Community Meeting.

“SCIS provides ‘Luggage for Life,’ giving students a suitcase full of skills to be successful in life. These skills include how to work with others, how to be a good citizen, how to be passionate about learning new things, how to be confident in their opinions, how to articulate their opinions, how to think rationally, how to solve problems, how to be active physically and how to develop a healthy lifestyle.”

An SCIS-Hongqiao parent.

“The SCIS Lower School takes into consideration the whole child. There is a nice balance between academic demands, creative opportunities along with social and extra curricular activities. A well-rounded individual is developed that is ready to take on the more complex demands they will encounter in middle school.”