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Making memories…

While classes, friends, sports, and the arts form the backbone of high school, there are a few special events that happen throughout the year.  Click through below to see some of the highlights Lower Schoolers experience at SCIS.

International Day of Peace

This is an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful diversity at our schools.  The festival begins with a Flag Parade, with students walking under their nationalities flag while wearing their country’s traditional clothes.  Speeches, cultural performances, and quick presentations mark the occasion.  Finally, the day culminates with an International Food Fair, giving students, teachers, and parents alike a chance to sample different delicacies from around the world.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of our school program.  Field trip goals include exposure to the culture and geography of this country and learning experiences for the students. These experiences, whether to the aquarium or to one our partners facilities, are always meant with excitement.

100th Day of School

Sometimes it is hard to believe it has been 100 school days already.  Time flies!  Students take this opportunity to celebrate education as well as using it as a chance to practice their counting!  All sorts of different art projects are made with one hundred different things, and of course it culminates in a big party. 

Earth Day

Students have fun recycling plastic and paper into different toys while becoming aware about waste.

Girl Scouts “Daisies”

No matter where you are in the world, there is always a girl scout troop.  In Shanghai, “Brownie” Girls Scouts can be found meeting regularly for camping, caroling with moms, cooking with dads, and raising money for charitable causes.

Chinese New Years

What better way to celebrate our host culture than through a huge Chinese New Year assembly?  Students participate through traditional customs and dress and also get the chance to watch professional troupes put on shows.