High School Highlights


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Making memories…

While classes, friends, sports, and the arts form the backbone of high school, there are a few special events that happen throughout the year.  Click through below to see some of the highlights High Schoolers experience at SCIS.

China Trips

As international families know, no education is complete without international travel.  Every fall, students gather to embark on a one-week cultural enrichment adventure in China.  Each grade goes somewhere different.  But they all share in common fantastic first-hand experimental learning.

  • Grade 9 Student Trip: Fuijin, Xiamen.  Students learn about tea plantations and the beach/mountain ecosystem as they hike and explore the wilderness.
  • Grade 10 Student Trip: Inner Mongolia.  Students learn about the nomadic Mongolian desert culture while planting trees in and effort to restore balance to the delicate plains of the region. 
  • Grade 11 Student Trip: Guizhou Province.  Students live in local farm houses and work as local farmers.  Chinese agricultural life is experienced first hand as students build rice terraces, farm, and even fish with their hands.
  • Grade 12 Student Trip: Hainan Island.  The island atmosphere provides the perfect setting for students to work on their Group 4 IB DP Science Project.  After all the experiments are finished, students transition to working on their college applications and essays while of course squeezing in some time for the beach.

UN Day

The United Nations is an organization that recognizes and appreciates cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It promotes positive coloration of all nations and peoples of the world to work constantly towards world peace. SCIS can be considered to be like in a mini United Nations. Here we have the wonderful diversity of over 60 nationalities represented. We grow and learn from each other, share our heritages, and experience new adventures together in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing fields. One of the favorite ways to share everyone’s culture is through FOOD. While the UN Day flag parade, the cultural presentations, and the dances are beloved, the highlight for most is all the delicious food found in the International Food Festival.

Winter Formal

A chance to dress up and dance the night away.  The Winter Formal is a dance held at a prestigious off-campus site.  It is open to grades 9-12.


School wide assemblies provide another opportunity for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. With Shanghai being one of the centers of the 21st century world, SCIS has been fortunate enough to host a number of world famous guests including
  • Famous Guest Speakers: CEO of Coca Cola. NFL Patriot Cheerleaders.
  • Famous Authors: Richard Sobol.
  • Famous Performances: Wuhan Chinese Cultural Troupe.


Originally an American phenomenon, Prom has spread worldwide.  In Canada it is called “Grad; in Britain “Formal;” and in Ireland & Australia “Debs.”  SCIS does it slightly differently than all but still calls it Prom.  Held annually in the spring, it is an off campus dance held at a prestigious site.

Field Day

Twice a year, the whole school comes together for a fun Field Day. Important life lessons like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership are learned as students participate in a variety of age appropriate challenges and games.

Worldwide Travel Opportunities

With internationalism being part of the SCIS core, it is only fitting that students are offered opportunities at international educational travel. Whether it is to join the choir to go sing at Disneyland in Hong Kong or to join the science team to study the Wildlife and Ecology of South Africa, SCIS continually strives “to provide opportunities that are just right.”