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EAL (English As an Additional Language) only for Grades 6 – 10

SCIS was the first English school in Shanghai that opened its doors to non-English speakers.  20 years later, that rich tradition continues.  Now, both specific EAL classes and EAL support for regular classes are available depending on students’ individual English language acquisition needs.

Advisory Time

Multiple times per week, students get together with their faculty advisor to ensure they are staying organized and on the right track.

Upper School Counselors

Expert staff are on site and available to help with academic, social, and emotional issues that teenagers routinely face.

Educational Psychologist

A full time Licensed School Psychologist is on staff at the Pudong School and is available for students who have any kind of learning issues or problems.

Individualized Learning Support

Learning support specialists are available to work with the student, and the teacher if necessary, to devise and implement a plan to get the student back on track.

Student Success Team (Grade 6-8)

On a weekly basis, administrators, counselors, learning support specialists, and EAL teachers meet to identify at-risk students and to coordinate & align support.  This group interfaces with departmental heads and student leaders when appropriate to make sure the entire organization is on the same page and working in concert.

Parent Dialogues (Grade 6-8)

Multiple times throughout the year, the Middle School counselor leads a dialogue with parents on issues impacting students and their relationships as students develop and mature.  Lessons focus on giving parents skills and strategies to deal with the turbulent times of adolescence and recognize the changing role of supporting their newly minted teenagers.  Topics covered are mother-daughter conflict, emotional literary of boys, the importance of sleep, among other topics of interest.  

Parenting Workshops

SCIS knows that whole families play a vital role in the education of their child.  Counselors continually reach out directly to parents through after school workshops, newsletter articles, and outside resources (brought onto campus).

After School Academic Support (After school homework clubs) (Grade 6-8)

Based on the needs of students and developmental level, customized after school academic support services and homework help are organized by teachers.  These consolidated support sessions happen in English, Science, Social Studies, and Math in addition to regular office hours.

Meet Your Mac Sessions

As SCIS is a Macintosh campus and has a 1-to-1 ratio of computers to students, every student starting in middle school is issued their own MacBook Pro.  Due to this, multiple times throughout the year educational sessions are held for students and parents alike to help everyone gain familiarity with their computers.  For students, basics of the mac are explained as well as advanced uses.  For parents, computers and the internet increasingly provide powerful tools to monitor, support, and participate in their child’s academic life.  

Past topics covered in Meet Your Mac Sessions:

Understanding Powerschool (electronic grading system)
How to Monitor Your Son/Daughter’s Progress Online
How to Use Your E-portfolio
Finding Teacher’s websites
Communication Methods. 

Also resources available for parental controls to help students manage the lure of the internet and computer gaming