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SCIS was the first English school in Shanghai that opened its doors to non-English speakers.  18 years later, that rich tradition continues.  Now, both specific EAL classes and EAL support for regular classes are available depending on students’ individual English language acquisition needs at a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level.  EAL begins at Grade 1.

Mother Tongue Language Programs

At SCIS, we recognize that native language fluency is an important predictor for overall academic success.  To help meet the needs of diverse learners, we accommodate after school mother tongue instruction in a variety of languages.  These language programs provide a context for students and families to develop friendships and celebrate cultural traditions. Our goal is to facilitate language instruction to the community by providing a free venue and complimentary resources to these foreign language teachers.

The Mother Tongue Language Programs are parent driven and vary across campuses according to demand.  Please inquire to see if the Dutch, Danish, French, Finnish, German, Swedish, or Brazilian-Portugues school is operating on your campus of choice.  And if you don't see your language on here, remember that we're happy to provide the venue and resources for you to help start it.

The Orange Dragon Dutch School "De Oranje Draak"

The Orange Dragon is one of the largest official Dutch Language and Culture Schools (NTC) worldwide.  The Orange Dragon school has provided lessons in Dutch language and culture to over 180 Dutch and Belgian sutdents in Shanghai for over 15 years.  The Orange Dragon is well known for its professionally certified teachers with many years of experience teaching Dutch, and they enjoy an excellent reputation.

We are delighted to offer the Dutch mother tongue and culture programs on our SCIS campuses.  The mother tongue and culture programs follow the directives established by the Dutch Ministry of Education in order to offer the highest possible quality of education.  The Dutch Lessons at SCIS are available for group A to VO.  The school also arranges Dutch cultural days during weekends .

The school's purpose is to enable Dutch and Belgian students to repatriate to local education in either the Netherlands, Belgium or any other Dutch school in the world. For more information on the Dutch Program that is available at SCIS, please contact Laura Doeschate directeur@deoranjedraak.com and visit their official website www.deoranjedraak.com  *please note De Oranje Draak is currently only available in Shanghai.

Mac Computer Labs

While children today need zero additional help with navigating smartphones, IPads, and virtually any touch screen device, operating a traditional computer is still a learned skill.  From typing to running applications, computers are integrated into instruction to give students an early head start on computer mastery.

Student Support Services

Sometimes kids need a little extra help, whether it’s for reading, math, speaking, or something else like study skills.  Learning support specialists are available to work with the student, and the teacher if necessary, to devise and implement a plan to get the student back on track.

Educational Psychologist

A full time Licensed School Psychologist is on staff at the Pudong School and is available for students who have any kind of learning issues or problems.