Middle School Highlights


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Making memories…
While classes, friends, sports, and the arts form the backbone of middle school, there are a few special events that happen throughout the year.  Click through below to see some of the highlights Middle Schoolers experience at SCIS.

House System

Inspired by the popular Harry Potter universe, students are divided into Houses.  The goal of the house system is to provide fun opportunities for friendly competition based activities.  Points are awarded by advisors and administration for contributions to the community, success in the monthly House Games, fundraising for populations in need, and a number of other (community building) games and activities.

China Trips

As international families know, no education is complete without international travel.  Every fall, students gather to embark on a one-week cultural enrichment adventure in China.  Each grade goes somewhere different.  But they all share in common fantastic first-hand experimental learning.

Grade 6 Student Trip:  Nanbeihu.  Students focus on teamwork skills and independence, as it is usually the longest period most of our students have spent away from their families.

Grade 7 Student Trip:  Yaolin.  Students Outdoor Education Introduction begins with skills such as kayaking, hiking, teambuilding, and camp crafts along with comfort zone challenges such as high ropes an rock climbing.

Grade 8 Student Trip:  Chengdu and Sichuan Province.  Students will get their first taste of expedition style traveling.  Students will learn to cook authentic Sichuan food, explore the city of Chengdu, hike the impressive Emei Mountain, and get a chance to interact with Giant Pandas.  


An annual music extravaganza, Dynamix lasts three days and pulls students, teachers, and professionals from all over the region to come together to study and make music, culminating in a huge concert on the last day.


The Middle School Leadership Council puts on multiple dances throughout the year.  While the timing and the theme may change from year to year, the spirit of having fun with friends always remains the same.

Past Dances include: Back to School Dance, Halloween Bash, & End of Year Dance.

Lock In

As select times throughout the year, students voluntarily stay at school late on a Friday night for a “Lock In.”  The entire school morphs from a place of academic learning to a giant playground.  Students might participate in epic capture the flag games through the school corridors or watch a favorite movie on a big screen while eating a pizza pie of their choice.  Whatever the activities, this late night at school is always fun.


School wide assemblies provide another opportunity for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.  With Shanghai being one of the centers of the 21st century world, SCIS has been fortunate enough to host a number of world famous guests including
  • Famous Guest Speakers:  CEO of Coca Cola.  NFL Patriot Cheerleaders.  
  • Famous Authors: Richard Sobol.  
  • Famous Performances: Wuhan Chinese Cultural Troupe.

Field Day

Twice a year, the whole school comes together for a fun Field Day.  Important life lessons like teamwork, cooperation, and leadership are learned as students participate in a variety of age appropriate challenges and games.

UN Day

The United Nations is an organization that recognizes and appreciates cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  It promotes positive coloration of all nations and peoples of the world to work constantly towards world peace.  SCIS can be considered to be like in a mini United Nations.  Here we have the wonderful diversity of over 60 nationalities represented.  We grow and learn from each other, share our heritages, and experience new adventures together in the classroom, on the stage, and on the playing fields.

One of the favorite ways to share everyone’s culture is through FOOD.  While the UN Day flag parade, the cultural presentations, and the dances are beloved, the highlight for most is all the delicious food found in the International Food Festival.