We emphasize diverse activities from the arts to the athletics for many reasons: they teach life lessons hard to learn in a classroom, they provide outlets for our passions, and they help bring together our community.  The main reason we involve ourselves though is because we like them.  They activate parts of our spirit like few other things can.  They make us smarter.  They help us connect.  They keep us balanced.  Truly, they are integral to life itself.

Here at SCIS, we pride ourselves on offering opportunities that are just right.  We are proud of our tradition as one of the oldest internationals schools in Shanghai, and we are proud at being able to offer a range of different activities for our truly international student body.

However, we are most proud of the community culture that encourages people to break down barriers and to participate in a variety of activities.  Here, the Renaissance ideal of being fluent across many disciplines from academics to athletics to art is the norm, not the exception.   It is not unusual to see the star striker on the football team playing a role in one of the big semester musical productions.  Conversely, don’t be surprised to see the violin virtuoso from the fall concert running up down the basketball court in the winter.  We purposefully encourage it.    

So as you explore the different arts, athletics, and organizations to be a part of, don’t limit yourself.  You never know what hidden talent or undiscovered passion you may possess until you get out there and try it.