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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Shanghai Community International School (SCIS).


We understand that moving to a new country and/or joining a new school can be a challenging and ultimately, an overwhelming experience for the entire family. Our commitment is to assist you throughout the admissions process in order to help provide a smooth transition for you and your children.

Our experienced staff are available year-round to assist you, help answer any questions that you may have, and/or arrange a personalized campus visit.

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about our school, community, academic and extracurricular programs.

Download the SCIS Admissions Viewbook to learn more about our school and programs

Download the SCIS Viewbook

First page of the PDF file: scis-admissions-viewbook-2020




In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. Our commitment to the SCIS community is to provide a truly international environment and experience through which everyone has the opportunity to challenge the status quo.


As an IB World School, SCIS provides a full continuum of programs from Nursery -  Grade 12, including the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IB is an academically rigorous, college-preparatory program which is balanced by an emphasis on personal development and fostering artistic, athletic, and global citizenship endeavors. 

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Since the foundation of our school, we have always had a strong reputation for creating a family-friendly community atmosphere. Community is at the core of the SCIS experience. As students, your child will feel warm, welcomed and happy. As parents, you will feel accepted and engaged. Together, we are the SCIS community.

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With over sixty nationalities and more than thirty-five languages represented, the breadth of our community is unparalleled. However, what really sets the SCIS community apart is the depth of our diversity, with a student population that is evenly spread across the world, roughly one-third representation from the Americas, Europe, and Australasia. At SCIS, there is no dominant culture, only internationalism.

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As a community-centered institution, SCIS values strong and supportive family units. We consider both the parent and student as partners within our learning community. Parents are actively involved in joining with staff and students to create a strong learning environment. On each campus, the Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) organizes volunteer opportunities as well as community events.

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Julie Nicol

"Children are just amazing humans. I really believe in the capacity of young children to do amazing things. I see that every day. I see creativity. I see the curiosity that children have. At this young age, we’re setting them up for success for the rest of their lives."

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"When I was in Kindergarten, a violinist played for us, and I was impressed. I was impressed by the sound and skills of the violin."

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Lisa Cuthbertson

"The kids here are so sweet. I remember once we were playing a game where students were learning muscles and bones. Seeing the joy on students' faces and the fun that they were having made me so happy."

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Lim Family

“SCIS has been able to groom certain strengths in Greg. Several weaknesses have become strengths since he has been at SCIS due to the encouragement they provide"

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The more I attended this school, the more confident I got because my English got better. I could speak more fluently and could communicate with others. "

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