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SCIS strives to foster a diverse school community with a strong blend of international, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

We consider both the parent and student as partners within our learning community. SCIS does not discriminate with regard to race, religion, or culture.

We welcome you to apply for admission to SCIS. We operate on a rolling basis, meaning that we review candidates and offer enrollment throughout the entire school year. Offers of enrollment are subject to space availability and candidate qualifications. As a school operating near or at full capacity in most divisions, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Our experienced staff are available year-round to assist you.



In accordance with the relevant regulations and policies set by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SHMEC), as a private foreign-international school, SCIS is only allowed to offer enrollment to students who qualify within one of the four categories listed below:

Type A – Child of a Foreign Citizen
Type B – Child of PRC Citizens, who meets one of the following conditions:
• B1 – Child with a Foreign Birth Certificate
• B2 – Child Born in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan
Type C – Child of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan Residents

See the checklist below to learn more about what supporting documents are required for each category listed above.

To learn more about what supporting documents are required for each eligibility category listed above, please download the Admissions Checklist: 

Admissions Checklist



At SCIS, admissions decisions are made by an Admissions Committee consisting of the Director of Admissions, Head of School, and a rotating group of divisional administrators, admissions team members, and other relevant school personnel. Admissions decisions are based on a full review of each candidate’s application and supporting documents, taking into consideration their international mindedness, English language proficiency, demonstrated academic achievement, and developmental, social/emotional, and behavioral background.

Amongst equally qualified candidates, priority consideration (not automatic placement) is given to returning SCIS students, overseas applicants, those with siblings currently attending SCIS, and those with stronger academic English proficiency. Of vital consideration as well is the balance of English language learners and other relevant demographic factors in order for SCIS to realize its mission as a truly international school environment.

See the admissions criteria listed below to learn more about our requirements.



First page of the PDF file: admissionageguidelineSY2023-24withlink


Upon enrollment, students are placed in a grade level by our Admissions Committee based on a variety of factors, including their previous academic history, chronological age, and development. For younger students (early childhood & lower primary school), a greater emphasis is placed on age and developmental appropriateness. In some cases, students may be considered for placement outside of their chronological age group, but only if there is significant justification to do so as determined by the school. In all cases, placements may be reviewed after a period of formal assessments and observations. The divisional administration will make the final decision regarding grade level placement.

Students who apply from schools or educational systems with a different school calendar (like those commonly found in schools in Korea, Japan, Singapore, or Australia) will be placed in the grade level that they are currently attending if they are admitted at the start of the new school year. If they are accepted in January, they will be placed in the grade level that they have just completed at their previous school. All students must graduate from Grade 12 before their 20th birthday.

At SCIS, we believe that our collective intelligence increases through diversity. We are intentional about ensuring that each of our homeroom groups is a representation of SCIS’s international community. Therefore, we consider nationality, mother-tongue, English language proficiency, academic status, age, and gender in the formation of homeroom groups. To ensure diverse groupings, SCIS is not able to honor parent requests for a particular teacher or homeroom placement.

See our Age/Grade Level Guidelines below in order to determine which grade level your child is eligible for. Applicants must be the designated age (as stated below) on or before September 30 of the academic year for which the applicant is applying.




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