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An investment in a culturally diverse, international education is an investment in your child’s future. As an SCIS student, your child will have access to individuals, ideas and experiences that are not typical of a traditional school environment.


SCIS is a non-profit educational day school, governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors and overseen by the International Schools Foundation. Although SCIS is a non-profit school, we do not receive any government or private funding, nor do we participate in any fundraising. SCIS is completely funded through student tuition and fees.

When considering the tuition fee of an international school program, one thing all parents should ask themselves is, “What is included?” At SCIS, the answer is short and simple, “Everything. Our program is all-inclusive.”

The SCIS tuition fee covers the SCIS program*, and the SCIS program includes all general services, resources, activities, trips, and documentation at no additional cost to our families**.

What is included in the SCIS Program:

  • All general costs associated with classes, school books, library, and technology
  • School lunch when on-campus (for full-day students only)
  • Door-to-door bus transportation to and from your home (subject to availability)
  • One set of the school uniform
  • School-sponsored after-school activities
  • All compulsory travel, including China Trips
  • School-issued MacBook laptop for Grades 6-12
  • Official invoice (fapiao) issued by the Chinese Tax Bureau

What is not included with the SCIS Program:

  • Extra sets of the school uniform
  • Daily student snacks (or student lunch when off-campus)
  • Additional one-time-only application, entrance, and supplementary admission and enrollment fees
  • Student Support program fees

* the "SCIS program" refers to the general SCIS program, not including specialized student support services, assessments, or other specialized services.

** all program inclusions and general services, resources, activities, trips, and documentation are subject to availability and change, and are not guaranteed through payment of the tuition fee. 



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