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The mission of the SCIS Child Safeguarding Policy is to support and advocate for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our students through an integrated partnership of home, school, and community.


We believe:

  • Students are our primary focus;
  • in building a culture of vigilant and relentless child safeguarding for the care and wellbeing of students;
  • all students can learn when given the appropriate support and resources;
  • in a holistic approach to learning, which encompasses social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development;
  • in taking a proactive approach to identify and address student needs;
  • in fostering student growth to promote self-awareness, self-advocacy and effective communication skills; and
  • that our programs and responses must be sensitive and mindful of family belief systems and cultural backgrounds.


All adults who are regularly present on SCIS campuses will be expected to undergo appropriate annual child protection training.


The SCIS Child Safeguarding Policy includes safe recruiting practices including enhanced background checking and child safeguarding for all substitute teachers.