About P.A.F.A.


SCIS is fortunate to have a parent organization called the Parents and Friends Association (PAFA).  Founded in May of 1996 PAFA coordinates parent involvement with the school. SCIS parents are by definition members of this organization.  Other adults with an interest may also join.

PAFA conducts various activities, from community events to charity fundraisers to volunteer support for teachers and students. Each campus has a PAFA board who work closely with the building administrators to plan events that help to make our schools a unique experience for families, faculty, and students alike. PAFA serves as a way parents can communicate ideas for the betterment of the school to the administration and Board. SCIS is proud of the high level of parent participation in our schools and value our partnership with the parent community.

Hongqiao PAFA President Hongqiao ECE PAFA President Pudong PAFA President

Nicole Newcomb (Nikki)

Email: pafaevents.scispafahq@gmail.com

Katie Kinsella

Email: PAFA_hq_ecerep1@scis-china.org

Trish Castillo

Email: pdpafa.president@scis-china.org


PAFA Sponsored and Organized Activities

  • Art Auction
  • September INDOP
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Bingo Night
  • Passport Club
  • Family Fun Day
  • 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony
  • International Food Fair
  • Winter holiday Celebration
  • Market Day
  • Parent Coffees

PAFA Members

Rhonda Mahs

My family moved to Shanghai 18 months ago from rural Missouri, USA.  I am trained as a Special Education Teacher, and my husband works for an agriculture company.  Last year, I served as PAFA Treasurer, and this year I am serving as President and Interim Treasurer.  I have one son in Grade 10 at SCIS, a daughter at university, and another daughter who recently graduated and is employed in the agriculture industry.  We live in Hongqiao and are enjoying all the conveniences of urban life and traveling while we are on this Shanghai adventure.

Catrin Gustafsson

I am from Sweden, where I am a certified teacher, and have been living in Shanghai for three and a half years.  My daughters, Emma and Hanna, are in 9th and 6th Grade.  This is my first year as a PAFA representative and I am a Middle School Co-Representative.  I also teach in the Swedish School after-school program at SCIS.  In the past, I was the Swedish Family Ambassador at SCIS.  My hope is that all parents feel welcome and included in PAFA and the school community.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions.

Heidi Casey

I am a High School Co-Representative.  I tagged along with my husband and younger son last year when we moved from the United States to China.  This is our first expat experience and I am only partially missing my career as a sign language interpreter.  Our son is currently a senior and if we survive this year I plan on traveling the world with my husband, while he continues in his current job and our two boys (hopefully!) shine in college.  In the meantime I fully enjoy being part of the SCIS community and am very grateful for all the awesome people who make it special.

Nina Han

I am a PAFA Lower School Co-Representative.  My family came from Taiwan and my children are in Grade 9 and Grade 5.  They have been studying at SCIS for seven years.  I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience.  I am delighted to be here in the world’s largest city, learning and growing with you!

Ellen Ho

Hi everyone, my name is Ellen.  I am from Taiwan, and I have been living in Shanghai for the past ten years.  I have three lovely daughters who are in Grade 9, Grade 5, and Grade 3.  This is our 11th school year at SCIS and my first time to serve as a Lower School Co-Representative.  I am looking forward to working with Nina and I think we can cooperate well to support the Lower School.

Yvonne Yeung

Hi, I am Yvonne Yeung and I am a Co-Representative for PAFA at Hong Qiao’s ECE campus.  My family and I moved to Shanghai last year from Hong Kong and truly enjoy the great city of Shanghai.  I have a 4th Grader and a Preschooler at SCIS and we really love this big SCIS family.  Together with my Co-Representative Ramya, I would be glad to assist you and answer any questions you might have regarding our school.  We have this year filled with lots of fun and exciting events to experience!

Kristianna Foye

My husband and I are originally from Texas, USA.  We have spent the last 16 years in Hong Kong, London, Jakarta, and now in Shanghai, where we have been for six years.  We have thoroughly appreciated living in these cities.  We have four children at SCIS: a son who is a senior, another son in the 10th Grade, and 7th and 6th Grade daughters.  This is our seventh school year at SCIS.  For the previous two years, I was the Public Relations contact for PAFA, and this year I have added PAFA Secretary to that role.  I am always excited to help PAFA enrich our SCIS community.

Nicole Newcomb

I am the mother of three children at SCIS in Grades 12, 7 and 3.  My family is from America, and we are entering our second year at SCIS.  I took on the role of PAFA Events Coordinator this year.  I really enjoy working with this unique and diverse community, and planning the school events is very rewarding for me.  I handle Market Days, the International Food Fair, and Parent Socials, along with many charity events.  While it is a big job, it is also a lot of fun experiencing our community in action.

Ramya Rajagopal

I was born in India and moved to the States for my graduate studies.  My husband and I lived there for 12 years before our move to Shanghai.  We absolutely love our experience in Shanghai and are thankful for the exposure our kids are given in this international environment.  I am a software engineer by profession and have always wanted to spend more quality time with my kids.  My PAFA role as an ECE Co-Representative has given me an opportunity to get involved in the school community and also to develop a more varied and nurturing social circle.  I am looking forward to another great year with PAFA!

Marga von Tiggelen

Hi, I am Marga von Tiggelen and I am a Middle School Co-Representative.  Almost 15 years ago we left the Netherlands with our three-month old son for Singapore.  After having two more kids in Singapore, we moved to Ho Chi Minh City and after that to Durban in South Africa.  We came to Shanghai two years ago.  I feel very privileged to have experienced living in all these different cultures and making friends from all over the world.  I have volunteered in every school my kids have attended.  It is interesting to see what schools have in common and what are the differences.  I am looking forward to a great year with PAFA!

Carol Clark

I moved to Shanghai four years ago with my husband and one of our sons.  This is our second expat assignment, and we call Colorado, USA our home.  We have three other children: a daughter age 26, and sons ages 24 and 22. All three children are in Colorado, and are now graduated from university and living their lives independently.  My favorite kind of day in Shanghai is to walk the many interesting streets and have a long lunch with family or friends.  This is my second year as PAFA High School Co-Representative, and I am honored to represent the parents’ interests within the SCIS Community.  This will be our last year at SCIS, as our son will graduate and move on to the exciting university years.

PAFA Bylaws


All parents and guardians of SCIS students are automatically members of the PAFA organization for their respective campuses. All faculty and staff members, administration, and support staff are also automatically members of PAFA. Partners of the school, alumni, or direct affiliates with the school’s programs may also request membership to PAFA.


Together as parents, students, staff, faculty and friends, we will build a solid foundation that unites our diversity and fosters a positive, cohesive community.


To provide support and resources to the school community through the coordination of activities and projects outside of the regular school provided curriculum.


  • Encourage parent and community involvement.
  • To help coordinate programs outside of the provided curriculum in which volunteer parents and friends provide assistance to the teachers and students and the school.
  • Encourage participation by all without discrimination.
  • To work collaboratively with school leadership (including administrators, teachers, and staff) to foster a positive and productive school culture.
  • To effectively communicate decisions and events with all PAFA members.
  • To raise funds to support various efforts that build our community.

We need your help to make all activities work with the assistance and enthusiasm of everyone in our small community. So please sign up to help out at our various activities.