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Once a dragon, always a dragon

Welcome to the Shanghai Community International Alumni page, a place for all former students, parents, and staff who all have called SCIS their home to connect with one another.

The SCIS Alumni Association was established in order to foster the continued cordial relations of the SCIS community. Its goal is to link former students, parents, and staff with the school and with each other, and to support and maintain such forged relationships. It strives to provide ample avenues and opportunities to encourage alumni to participate actively in the SCIS community.

SCIS opened its doors over 25 years ago and since, our alumni have been an integral part of that history.

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As a registered alumni member, you will be able to stay up-to-date with SCIS and alumni news, receive updates of upcoming alumni events, as well as have the opportunity to be featured in our official social media channels and our Communitas magazine.

Follow any of our official social media accounts to get in touch with fellow alumni and stay in the loop as to the latest SCIS happenings.



Once, Always | Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream
  • Alumni
Mikael Masson Perez

Stepping out of her comfort zone, former teaching assistant Kiki Tao is now off to become a lead teacher at a local Kindergarten.

  • once, always
Once, Always | The Far and Long Road Home
  • Alumni
Mikael Masson Perez

Dragons for four years, the Jacobs family reflects on transitioning back home and the importance of continuing mandarin learning after SCIS

  • once, always


Jennifer Marr

“The diversity that we have at SCIS is unparalleled – even amongst other Shanghai international schools."

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