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Hear from those who experience SCIS first-hand, our Community Voices, as we celebrate their success stories, learning journeys, and the struggles in between.

Lisa Cuthbertson

"The kids here are so sweet. I remember once we were playing a game where students were learning muscles and bones. Seeing the joy on students' faces and the fun that they were having made me so happy."

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Lim Family

“SCIS has been able to groom certain strengths in Greg. Several weaknesses have become strengths since he has been at SCIS due to the encouragement they provide"

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The more I attended this school, the more confident I got because my English got better. I could speak more fluently and could communicate with others. "

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My favorite part of going to school at SCIS is the friendships I've built over the years."

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Nick Spring-Peers

“I have worked in different schools and this has been, by far, my favorite place to work. The name on the building lives up to the name of the school, it is a community and I really do feel that."

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Vidal Family

“The school allows students to take ownership and with kind guidance, they are developing so many skills and talents for the future."

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Van Lankveld Family

“SCIS is a very close-knit community and always has been. Even now with the current Covid restrictions, we think of ways to keep going and still be a part of the community."

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“SCIS has been really great in helping me become an open-minded and international individual"

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