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Hear from those who experience SCIS first-hand, our Community Voices, as we celebrate their success stories, learning journeys, and the struggles in between.

Izzy Johnson

"...it is a little easier if you've completed the IB programme while playing sports and doing after-school activities. The IB programme prepares you well for a college workload."

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"...the immediate educators who come to mind and the experiences I’ve had are teachers who are passionate. A course structure is important, but how it is taught is even more important."

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Ji-Woo Choi

"The teachers at SCIS are world-class and especially the teachers that taught me have guided me on the path to success."

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Julie Nicol

"Children are just amazing humans. I really believe in the capacity of young children to do amazing things. I see that every day. I see creativity. I see the curiosity that children have. At this young age, we’re setting them up for success for the rest of their lives."

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"When I was in Kindergarten, a violinist played for us, and I was impressed. I was impressed by the sound and skills of the violin."

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Lisa Cuthbertson

"The kids here are so sweet. I remember once we were playing a game where students were learning muscles and bones. Seeing the joy on students' faces and the fun that they were having made me so happy."

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Lim Family

“SCIS has been able to groom certain strengths in Greg. Several weaknesses have become strengths since he has been at SCIS due to the encouragement they provide"

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The more I attended this school, the more confident I got because my English got better. I could speak more fluently and could communicate with others. "

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