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Hear from those who experience SCIS first-hand, our Community Voices, as we celebrate their success stories, learning journeys, and the struggles in between.

Van Lankveld Family

“SCIS is a very close-knit community and always has been. Even now with the current Covid restrictions, we think of ways to keep going and still be a part of the community."

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Jacobs Family

“SCIS is special because of all the students and families from all around the world making it a very rich and culturally diverse community. It’s the very definition of being at an “International School."

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Andrew Bissonnette

"The diversity in staff and families provides our community with opportunities to engage in authentic conversations and experiences to develop into responsible global citizens."​

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Julia Cory

"Kids, especially two-year-olds, are so inspirational in the way that they approach learning​​​​​​"​

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Yoyo Chun

“The best part thing about going to SCIS is hanging out with my friends because there are a lot of kind people"

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Maria Burnham

"One of my favorite parts about working in the SCIS community is its commitment to nurturing an appreciation for cultures, languages, backgrounds, and talents. ​​​​​​"​

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