Green Initiatives


Going Green in Action

Recycled Uniforms

In September of 2013, SCIS was the first school in China to fully commit to green textiles by choosing eco-friendly uniforms made from Waster2Wear® recycled fabrics.  Today SCIS school uniforms help to educate our students about how plastic waste isn’t simply garbage but a viable resource that can be transformed into valuable products if we save them from the landfills and the ocean.  For the 2013-14 school year, 24,700 plastic bottles were recycled into our uniforms.

Reusable Water Bottles

We want you to drink water.  But we don’t want you to use 18 different paper cups every day to drink it.  Walking around our campuses, you’ll find that all students have their own reusable water bottles.  That’s because we rarely make paper cups available.  That saves us 180,000 paper cups per school year!

Cafeteria Composting

Students at every campus compost the cafeteria waste daily.  They take the remnants of lunch from the kitchen to a tumbler in the back of the campus.  After it is mixed with water and allowed to aerate, the waste becomes usable fertilizer.  

Earth Week

Ever since the movement began in the 1970s people across the globe have recognized April 22nd as Earth Day.  Here though, we often have an Earth Week.  During this week, campuses initiate different activities to make sure we know what it means to “go green.”  Past activities include: recycled clothing fashion catwalks, making planters out of recycled cans, going completely paperless, turning off all the lights on the campus for an energy-saving hour, clothes swaps, pledging to bring your own bags to the grocery store for your parents

Organic Farms

Select campuses have organic farms to help students learn about and explore natural small scale farming.  

Recycling Club

An extremely popular club at each campus, the Recycling Club ensures all paper, plastic, and aluminum waste is separated and properly recycled.  

Roots and Shoots

Founded in 1991 by Dr Jane Goodall, the organization has local chapters in over 132 countries with over 8,000 local groups worldwide.  One of our own students in this past year, Madeline “Maggie” Friedman, was accepted into the 2014 National Youth Leadership Council for the foundation.  She was 1 of only 33 people accepted for the council, and yes, she met Dr Goodall herself.  As SCIS looks forward, Roots and Shoots will continue to be a prominent Green Initiative.

Million Tree Project

Began in 2007, the Million Tree Project in China refers to the effort to stop the desertification of Inner Mongolia.  Every year, Grade 10 students visit Inner Mongolia on their “China Trip” and plant trees.  Furthermore, ongoing fundraising efforts as a new tree can be sponsored for as little as 25.00 RMB.  

Faculty Metro Cards

To encourage our faculty to take public transportation and go green themselves in their daily lives, all faculty are issued metro cards to last them the semester.