Health & Safety



There are few things we take as seriously as the health and safety of our students.  This is continually a top priority in everyone’s minds on a day to day basis and on a capital investment basis.  Did you know that we have fully outfitted licensed nursing clinics on every campus staffed by WorldPath?  Did you know that we spent $1.5 million USD in the winter of 2014 to completely retrofit all of our school’s with centralized air filtration systems guaranteed to keep the pollution level between 1-50 on the USA Index Scale?  Did you know that we order all of our children’s Jungle Gym’s and play equipment from Denmark, knowing full well we will have to wait for months of China Customs checks and pay an additional import tax, just to ensure that they are sturdy, chemical free, and of the best possible quality?  Did you know that we have security guards and extra bus monitors just to watch over your child?  There just isn’t any bigger priority to us than the health and safety of our students.

Air Pollution Monitoring

Here at SCIS, we monitor the air quality every day.  And we make the necessary adjustments according to it.

Each day, first thing in the morning, we check the pollution information/forecast from the US Consulate.  We then interpret that information using a color-coded system that is based on the USA Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index.  Nurses hang the appropriately colored flag for that day outside their doors.  And Heads of Schools, Principals, and Athletic Directors/After School Activity Coordinators meet to see if any adjustments needs to be made to protect our students.