Joining a new school is an exciting moment in a child’s life but can also be an emotionally challenging journey for both students and parents. As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher and you play an important role during this time of change. As such, we’ve asked our community to share their tips on ways to help your child succeed at school and make the most out of the transition.

1. Be positive about the transition.

Tell your child about all the new opportunities they will have at making friendships or participating in activities.

2. Cook home food!

Keep making the same dishes that you did at home to make the new house feel like home.

3. Take the time to listen.

Give your child time to settle in and listen to them as they transition into a new environment. As a mother put it “I decided to pick up the boys from school every day and to spend the afternoon playing board games and painting until they were comfortable enough to set play dates with their classmates on their own.”

4. Talk with your child.

Ask your child about school. It will show him/her that you care about what is going on with his/her day today. But try to avoid general questions like “How was your day?” and instead, be more specific.

5. Talk with your child’s teachers.

Teachers are a great source of help and support so be sure to talk to them and ask what you can do at home to improve your child’s education.

6. Volunteer.

Don’t be afraid to get involved by volunteering at various events at school. You will meet many parents from all over the world and can share stories and parenting tips.

7. Get connected.

Join your country WeChat group and be a room parent if you have kids in Lower School or join your Grade level WeChat group if you have kids in Upper School. You can also connect with parents through the many coffee mornings held.

8. Join our Parents and Friends Association.

Join PAFA (Parents and Friends Association) – all parents are automatically a part of PAFA but you can volunteer to become part of the PAFA Board and help plan fun activities for the SCIS community. Or volunteer to help with PAFA sponsored events throughout the year.

Fun tip.

Our cafe treats are delicious and not just for students. Try a cinnamon roll when you are on campus or simply meet up with your newly made connections for a coffee and a chat. You won’t regret it.

SCIS. A Caring Community.

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