One of the most anticipated events of the year, the 2019 International Food Fair (IFF) took place on Saturday, October 2019. This rich and diverse festival is a community favorite that features traditional dishes from around the world, showcasing the uniqueness of SCIS’s international culture.

IFF is SCIS Hongqiao Parents and Friends Association (PAFA)’s biggest fundraising of the year. The annual fair is a celebration of world cuisine, culture, and community. Country booths are decorated to reflect the flavors of our participating countries. Moreover, it is an opportunity to share the things that make us each unique – and those that bring us together as one.

World Cuisine and Fun for all

Food options were far and wide as we were able to enjoy delicacies from around the globe. A few dishes of note included:

Anzac Biscuits (New Zealand) – Traditional cookies of golden-brown color made of oats, coconut, syrup, flour, soda, and butter. Historically, these were sent to soldiers fighting in Gallipoli during WW1. 

Kung Pao Chicken (Greater China) – Famous Chinese dish consisting of tender, marinated chicken pieces, lip-tingling spices, and crisp roasted peanuts.

Munakasrulla (Finland) – Delicious omelet rolls filled with stuffing made of cheese, herbs, meats and fresh vegetables.

In addition to the food, country representative of India and the Netherlands went above and beyond by including special activities next to their booths. India included Henna painting while the Netherlands showcased three different traditional games: SjoelenSpijkerpoepen, and Grabbelton.

IFF by the Numbers

  • In all, 18 countries and regional booths were represented at this year’s IFF.
  • Over 2,800 fairgoers were in attendance.
  • Our country and regional ambassadors, as well as countless parent volunteers, worked hard at the booths, ensuring that every detail was looked after.
  • Many gifts were donated by our generous sponsors, amounting to 41 raffle prizes with a total value exceeding RMB 170,000.
  • There were seven lovely student performances held throughout the day, and over 130 upper school students signed up to volunteer their time at different booths.
  • At the day’s end, over RMB 182,000 was raised.

As PAFA’s mains fundraising event, the funds raised at IFF will go towards enrichment and extracurricular activities for all of our students from nursery to grade 12, as well as community events.

Country Ambassadors

None of this would have been made possible without the effort and dedication of our country ambassadors and parent volunteers. The passion and enthusiasm of these individuals truly made a difference in the success of IFF.

“I love the diversity and creativity about how PAFA planned this IFF. What’s more, I was super amazed at some countries’ decorations, such as Germany and SEA. Most importantly, the wonderful friendship established between all country ambassadors during IFF was my favorite thing out of everything.” – Tina Zhang, Australia/New Zealand Country Ambassador.

“IFF was fantastic! There is no better way to learn about China’s diverse culture and characteristics than savoring Chinese local dishes. Also, by promoting Chinese foods, I hope more people come to appreciate the local culture.” – Kaylin He, Greater China Country Ambassador.

“We enjoyed this event as it let us know the different cuisines and what to expect in particular countries. The International Food Fair is a good platform for one to interact with other people and it makes one feel proud to share one’s traditions and culture. lastly, it’s also a way to give support to the community we live in as in India we say- ‘Vasudev Kutumbhkam’ one world family.” – Sumitra Kaul, India Country Ambassador

The International Food Fair was a truly successful event that brought together a great exchange of culture through food, music, entertainment for the whole community. Most importantly, it was a celebration of what makes SCIS such a unique place of learning – our international and diverse community.

SCIS. Truly International.

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