Java Jam is an event the whole school community looks forward to on the first Friday of November every year. This decade long SCIS Pudong tradition originally started as a senior project but has now evolved into a well-attended yearly student council event. The first-ever Java Jam was held on the first floor outside of the main office.

A Decade of Java Jam

Over the past 9 years, it has been held in locations throughout the school, including the library and fourth-floor high school lounge. Due to the rapid growth of the event, the student council eventually assumed responsibility for it, making it a Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) experience for many students throughout the years. Two years ago, the attendance of the audience outgrew the high school lounge. As a result, it was moved to the third-floor gallery, where it has been hosted ever since.

The Java Jam planning committee steps up every year to make this event a success. Unfortunately, we had many staples in our community who graduated last year. Accordingly, the planning committee worked hard to find new talents to display. Thanks to them, Java Jam 2019 was filled with a selection of talented, artistic individuals showcasing their skills to entertain the crowd.

The Java Jam team also developed their communication skills by connecting with different members of our school community. This was to make sure that all the furniture, sound equipment, and staging were where they needed them at the right time. It is always impressive to see how the vision comes together in the set-up process. Each member of the committee has a specific responsibility. The leadership displayed around the room could be seen as each member ran the organization of the seating, lights, bake sale, and backstage.

Good Music and Vibes

It has become a tradition for senior members of the student council to host the event and entertain the crowd between acts. This year’s senior hosts had the crowd laughing and were continuously complementing all the acts on how amazing they were. We had a variety of performances this year from our teacher band, “The Pudonkies”, to dancers, singers, spoken word poets, rock bands, and even an electric guitar solo. The evening was crowded with students and teachers from all levels of Upper School and Lower School.

All gathered on couches, comfy chairs and bean bags from around the school to enjoy and be wowed by the incredible performances in a cozy, chill atmosphere. The goal of the committee was to create an intimate coffee house vibe so everyone could enjoy a relaxing, stress-free, event. Plus, our Student Council had food for sale with everything from homemade sweets to pizza and fresh popcorn.

Unique to SCIS Pudong, Java Jam remains a highlight in every student’s event calendar. It is known to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable events of the year.

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