​As we await a return to school date, we have been diligently performing campus deep-cleaning and disinfecting procedures. This has been done to prepare our campuses facilities for a healthy and safe re-opening.

SCIS has upheld rigorous cleaning protocols at all campuses, and, with the current situation, these have been strengthened further as we strive to ensure the health of our community. In an effort to raise awareness of our preparation efforts, please review below the steps we are taking to prepare our campuses for the eventual return of our students, faculty, and staff:

1. Ventilation Cleaning & Disinfecting:

We have contracted the services of a professional ventilation (HVAC) system maintenance company to provide a thorough disinfection protocol on all three campuses.

Their service will clean all air filters and diffusers, while utilizing an industry-leading sterile sanitizer, throughout the system. In addition, they installed ultraviolet disinfection lamps for central air-conditioning systems and have tested that all systems are back online and operating.

2. Deep-cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols:

Working with our operations team, and in conjunction with expert vendors, our cleaning staff has begun a series of campus deep cleaning & disinfectant processes.

These three-day processes will be run throughout our campus closure period so that our teams not only prepare the campuses for our community’s return but also gain the hands-on experience so they will be ready to efficiently and effectively carry out the process through our return to campus and beyond.

All classrooms and public areas across all campuses have been disinfected and deep cleaned, as well as supplied with the following products:

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • 84-Disinfectant
  • Alcohol Sanitizer
  • Dibromide Disinfection Tablets
  • Trichloride Disinfection Tablets
  • Foam Hand Wash for Early Childhood Education student use
  • Gel Hand Wash for Lower and Upper School use

In accordance with CDC regulations, SCIS began the creation of an inventory reserve of necessities such as thermometers, hand sanitizers, masks, and disinfectants. We have already received the initial reserve amount but will work with vendors and authorities to continue supplementing reserves.

Upon our return to campus, we will continue with our heightened protocols for disinfection that will include frequent and consistent disinfecting of common surfaces and spaces, such as handrails, doorknobs, tabletops, and restrooms.

3. Emergency Response Plan:

SCIS has also worked with an outside provider to develop an emergency response plan. These will be in place to aid our efforts in early detection, isolation of potential causes, and the development of a reporting and communication system to ensure timely and transparent communication is occurring with families and, where necessary, proper authorities. Isolation areas have been identified should they be needed.

While we continue to await the Shanghai Education Commission‘s return to campus announcement, we look forward to welcoming our students, staff, and families back to campus soon!

SCIS. Together.

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