As part of learning how the world works, students inquire into the natural world and its laws. For our grade four students, this means looking at ways light and sound energize and impact the world through technology.

After completing their research and investigation into the properties of light and sound, last year’s SCIS Hongqiao cohort decided to take their learning one step further. Through a SCIS family, our caring learners decided to take action by connecting with an organization called The Maasai Girls of Kenya.

The charitable organization provides personal solar-powered lights to rescued Maasai girls in Kenya. These solar lights replace kerosene lamps and other harmful sources of light, which are often much more polluting.

Our motivated students raised enough money by selling their own toys, books, and games to purchase solar light kits. They then assembled the lights on their own with the help of their classroom teachers. Next, they wrapped each as a gift to be sent off to Kenya, accompanying the package with individual letters for the Masaai girls to read.

Thankfully, a SCIS parent was able to hand-deliver these lights through a service project over the summer. The parent returned here with thank you letters for our students who are now in grade five.

In the bundles of letters was included this heartfelt letter written by the principal of the school that received the gifts:

“Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Olosho-oibor Primary School, Beloved Daughters Rescue Center, teachers, pupils, and the entire Olosho-oibor village, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your generosity and kindness in providing our girls with lights. 

The lights are not only a blessing to the girls but to all their families also. You have done us a great help. The girls could not hide their joy and appreciation on receiving the lights. The school will ensure the lights are put into good use and maintained to ensure they last long.

Your act of kindness will impact the education of our girls leading to better academic performance. The quality of life in their homes will improve as the smokey paraffin and firewood lights will not be used anymore.

It’s our hope that this partnership will continue as it will be of great benefit to this community.

Thank you.

-Paul K. Sakuda, Headteacher.”

Our current grade four students recently surprised the grade five students by bringing them the Kenyan letters to read together in class. The whole project was a genuine example of connectedness, service, and agency as our students took responsibility for their own learning in a caring a selfless way.

Way to take action, SCIS Dragons!

SCIS. Caring Learners.