In an effort to help our youngest learners transition back to campus in the days ahead, we share the story of ‘Drago’s First Day Back to School!’ A positive story about a SCIS Dragon’s return to campus during this special Covid-19 period. 

Drago’s First Day Back to School

It shares information that should help learners (of all ages) understand what the return to campus will look like and feel like. We hope it is helpful for you to share with your children as you discuss the transition ahead. 

We look forward to welcoming our Nursery to Grade 3 students back to campus. The full return of all grade levels to campus is a very special gift for all our SCIS faculty and staff, who remain children at heart! 

So, Happy Children’s Day once more from Drago and the entire SCIS Dragon community!

SCIS. Together. 在一起!

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