Hye-Jun (Julie) Kang, (SCIS Hongqiao Class of 2018) earned a perfect score in the International Baccalaureate program – a rare achievement that she credits to her exceptional teacher.

Julie is our first graduating student to achieve a perfect score on the IB Diploma Programme examination. With an incredible 45 out of 45, her score places her in the top .1% of all students that sat for the exam worldwide.

We are extremely proud of Julie and the rest of our graduating class of 2018, for achieving tremendous results in the IB Diploma Programme.


Julie, what was your reaction when you first saw your IB test results?

“Shock! I never expected a perfect score, I thought I’d be lucky to get a score above 40 so as soon as I saw my result I started crying immediately. It was a moment of indescribable joy and happiness. My thought at that moment was that I got compensated for my hardships.”


And how did your family react?

“They were extremely proud of me. They’ve always been by side throughout the entirety of the IB programme, encouraging me and giving me the love to help me achieve my dreams. Their support really helped my self-confidence and achieving a perfect score meant a lot for them too.”


Can you take us back to the exact moment you were able to see your result?

“Because so many people were logging in at the exact same time, the IB server went down about five times and I had to wait around five minutes before the page finally loaded. On the sixth time of refreshing the page, my name appeared, and I distinctively remember my mother urging me to scroll down the page to see what my result was. I initially couldn’t summon up the courage to do so because I was feeling very emotional and a little nervous, but eventually, with the help of my parents, I scrolled down to see the test score. It was an unbelievable moment of happiness!”


That’s incredible! Looking back, who would you like to credit with helping you achieve this amazing feat?

“The teachers at SCIS, they’ve been encouraging me every step of the way. Being able to count on them for extra help and guidance was a great relief for me throughout the IB course, it showed me how much they care about students’ success. I’d especially like to thank Mr. Meldrum, Upper School Vice Principal, and Mrs. Blalock, Upper School College Counselor, as they were both very patient and understanding, always available to hear me out and help solve my problems and giving me that extra motivation during my studies. Without these two individuals, I am certain that I would not be the same person that I am today.”


How has your time as a student at SCIS impacted the level of success that you’ve achieved?

“Firstly, I would like to thank SCIS for the amazing opportunities that were presented to me, which eventually helped me to achieve this accomplishment. One of the greatest aspects of SCIS is the abundance of guest-speakers that are invited to our school to talk about their life experiences. Through their stories and life lessons I’ve felt inspired and it has helped me establish a new outlook on my life. Also, another aspect that I find particularly amazing is how considerate SCIS is to students, especially when it comes to what we decide to pursue post-graduation. The message I took away was that as long as you have a goal and a plan in place, you are doing right with your future, whatever it may be. This gave me a great positive impact and I’m confident to say that without this support from SCIS, I would not be the learner that I am now.”


So what comes next for you?

“I want to take some time off to relax, sit back and contemplate about my future. I actually have a specific plan in mind which involves studying English Literature in University, and after that, I intend to get certified to become an IB teacher in Korea. My plan is to work as an international school teacher!”


That’s a fantastic profession to pursue! Congratulations again on an amazing achievement and good luck with everything.