Since 2017, the SCIS community at both our Hongqiao main and Pudong campuses have been benefiting from the efforts of XpertHealth’s dedicated athletic trainers. Working hard behind-the-scenes, Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), Rachel Ponce and Jiankun Kang have been helping our student-athletes compete in peak physical conditions

There are a lot of risks that go into playing sports at any level. Athletes need someone who is concerned with their physical wellbeing, regardless of wins and losses. Daily, Rachel and Jiankun collaborate with our school’s nurses and the referring doctors, primary care physicians, physical therapists, physiatrists, and orthopedists from XpertHealth’s network in Shanghai and China.

Athletic Training Support

Both ATCs can be seen on the sidelines of all varsity home games as well as away games, traveling together with the teams to other schools across the city. They are there hours before the game, doing treatment and rehabilitation exercises with student-athletes. The most dramatic aspects of the job are the prevention and treatment of dangerous situations that can result in serious long-term consequences, such as excessive heat and concussions.

Treatment & Rehabilitation

When not attending sporting events, XpertHealth’s Athletic Trainers at SCIS spend most of their time working to prevent injuries as well as helping those student-athletes who have been hurt get back to full strength.

As Athletic Director at SCIS Hongqiao, Kirk Thomas comments: “Rachel and Jiankun from XpertHealth, are wonderful athletic trainers that provide both our student-athletes and staff members professional care and services. They are both knowledgeable, dedicated and caring athletic trainers that are a true asset to the SCIS athletics program and the school as a whole.”

Rachel Ponce

Rachel Ponce

Certified Athletic Trainer at SCIS Hongqiao

“I am a board-certified athletic trainer working for XpertHealth, mainly at the SCIS Hongqiao Campus for the past year now. I have had the pleasure of working in the field of athletic training for about 10 years. Through my tenure predominately in the states, I have worked with youth sports leagues, high school sports, physical therapy clinics, Division 1 University athletics and a handful of semipro and professional events. What I love about my job as an athletic trainer is seeing the progress of the athletes, whether they are injured or just want to push to the next level, helping them reach their goals is very rewarding. I also enjoy teaching the student-athlete about biomechanics and how it not only relates to the sport but is useful in daily life.”

Jiankun (Mark) Kang

Jiankun (Mark) Kang

Certified Athletic Trainer at SCIS Pudong

“I was born and raised in China. After high school, I went to study abroad in the U.S and graduated from Midwestern State University, Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training in 2018, where I did clinical rotations in local hospitals, high schools, and universities. After graduation, I worked for Lubbock Christian University, a Division 2 school for a year. My main duties were providing first aid, emergency care, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for all athletes. I enjoy working closely with all the other health care professionals and athletes to ensure their safety in the field. I love to help all my athletes find their potential or bounce back from injuries. Upon my return home to Shanghai this summer, I joined XpertHealth. Currently, I am working at SCIS Pudong to provide medical support for all varsity sports teams and loving every moment of it!”


Consisting of a team of internationally qualified healthcare professionals, XpertHealth focuses on all aspects of health and wellness with sports performance and sports medicine. They are experts in medical check-ups, performance assessments and guidance focused on optimizing health and training performance through injury prevention and individual treatment.

SCIS. Go Dragons.

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