As we enter our fourth week of Virtual Learning at SCIS, we recognize the shift underway as our students have settled into this new routine. They are managing their day more independently and have developed a rhythm to the learning expectations and procedures.

Let us stop and celebrate our successes and all the hard work and dedication that parents, teachers, and students have exerted to make the most out of this unfortunate turn of events. We appreciate the collaborative and caring spirit that continues to be present whether we are collaborating from home or virtually. The SCIS community is tackling the challenges head-on with enthusiasm and determination.

While academics are stabilizing into a “new normal”, we also want to proactively support the real impact our current situation may have on us emotionally. It is a time of uncertainty, and that naturally brings about feelings of anxiety and frustration. These are very real, and to some degree should be expected. For a community that flourished on the strength of our personal connections for the support and inspiration it provided us, this extended separation is challenging.

We wish to now share some helpful resources with all so that each of us may thrive:

Social & Emotional Support

Working together to support the social and emotional needs of our community of learners, our dedicated team of school counselors has compiled developmentally appropriate resources to support students and parents with successfully navigating online learning environments. You can find them here.

Managing Anxiety

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, so it is important to take part in activities that contribute to your well-being. As such, we provide you with practical ways in which to manage your mental health here.

Maintaining Work / Life Balance

Spending too much time online within our homes runs the risk of altering our typical work/life balance, increasing stress levels in the process. It is therefore important to manage our lives in sustainable ways that keep our bodies and minds healthy. Here are some ways to stay active and maintain balance in your life.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to share stories of resilience, community, and positive collaboration when we reflect on this time years from now. For now, we wish our community of learners all the best and look forward to once again experiencing all that is so wonderful about being in Shanghai and on an SCIS campus!

SCIS. Together.

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