WATCH: One Community Together for United Nations Day 2018 (VPN Needed)

During their time at SCIS, students learn to embrace the diversity that makes up our international school community. The United Nations Day is one of that special celebration that captures the unique DNA of our school.

In all, 1700 students, coming from over 60 Nationalities, and speaking any of 35+ languages, came together as one. United to celebrate the diversity that makes our community so exceptional. Throughout the day, there was visible evidence of a culturally diverse student body. An indescribable sense of international-mindedness that makes SCIS a special place to learn.

At our Hongqiao ECE Campus, the entire school gathered to share songs and a story ‘All are welcome’ to celebrate the spirit of a caring community. Then, the gymnasium was converted into a colorful display of sweet and savory signature dishes from around the world.

Down the road, at the SCIS Main Campus, students, teachers, and parents were encouraged to come to school in the traditional clothing and national colors of the culture they most identified with.  A wonderful parade was held with over 45 nations being represented. Student performances and three inspiring speeches followed, explaining the importance of peace in the world.

Across the river at SCIS Pudong, our community held the much-anticipated Parade of Nations. Bright and vibrant colors were on display as 40 nations walked across the stage in an emotion-evoking display of global pride. In a truly humbling event, students from nursery-12, along with parents, took to the stage to represent the diverse nationalities that make SCIS.

United Nations Day is truly a celebration of the diverse student body that we have present at each one of our three campuses. A reminder of the power that our students’ perspective gives them in helping make the world a better place. Furthermore, it is a positive opportunity to celebrate and support other cultures, build international mindedness and embrace the uniqueness of others. A uniqueness which goes way beyond a single celebration.