We can never thank our teachers enough for their dedication, energy, patience and care towards educating our children.  But a whole week of teacher appreciation is a great place to start.

At our SCIS Hongqiao campus, a week was dedicated to showing some appreciation to our fantastic educators who work tirelessly throughout the school year.

Organized by our very own Parents and Friends Association (PAFA), the yearly celebration is our community’s way of showing gratitude for the hard work and continuous dedication of our teachers and staff members.

Kicking the week off, teachers were treated to a sweet cup of bubble tea. A favorite by most who’ve spent some time living in Asia.

On Tuesday, parents fanned out through all buildings across campus, delivering gifts to SCIS educators, administrators, and working staff. The gift? Beautiful ornate paperweight, with Chinese motifs.

Midweek, teachers enjoyed homemade tasty appetizers, snacks, and traditional tea, courtesy of our Korean parents’ group.

In conjunction with PAFA’s monthly market day, a lucky draw was held with all faculty getting a chance to bring home some amazing prizes. Raffle winners received wines, gift cards, discount coupons, and more goodies.

The week finished on a sweet note, with an all-day dessert bar set up across the Plaza adorned with delicious treats and savory cakes.