As we head into our second week of virtual learning, it’s worth a collective congratulations to the entire SCIS Community. There is no doubt that the school closure has resulted in a fair bit of uncertainty, but it has also been an amazing testament to the flexibility, hard work, and problem-solving shown by teachers, students, and parents.

Our creative and collaborative community

Although entirely online, in many ways this event has forced us to collaborate and come together as an SCIS Community to find new ways to help support our students. SCIS has always been known for our relationships, which are the foundation for high levels of personalized achievement.

Continuing this personal connection online has been a challenge, but the evidence of involvement and engagement on display is truly impressive. Now more than ever, we need each other and our sense of community – both professionally and personally.

Embracing new ways of learning

Your support and encouragement throughout this have helped make this a success. Change is never easy, but the resilience and commitment on display from teachers, students, and parents helped get us started on the right foot.

During the first week, we heard from many of you, echoing many of these thoughts. To quote just a few:

  • “My child is very excited because she can show me how she is learning.”
  • “The engagement is great! 1 on 1 teaching certainly helps, and the flexibility on timing is a nice plus.”
  • “I’m learning more about my kids’ school and their attitude when faced with a problem. I’m very proud of them because they take this seriously.”
  • “I feel the school acted swiftly in a most unfortunate situation. Well done.” 
  • “The teachers are really attentive and helpful.”
  • “We were able to access assignments and materials we needed, had enough time to complete them, and Teachers responded quickly and thoroughly.”

Embracing new ways of learning

Of course, your comments have helped us consider adjustments along the way. What’s working well? Where can we improve? Many parents shared feedback regarding work expectations and time management:

  • “It’s a bit overwhelming for our child to complete all of the assignments. It’s a lot to get through, even with the support of parents.”
  • “There are lots of activities. It might be nice to get more feedback on some activities.” 
  • “My child struggles to find the time and attention to complete all of the activities in each of the classes each day.”
  • “When my child heard the teachers’ voice reply, he felt excited to answer their questions.” 

We will continue to seek out feedback regularly, and our hope is to continue to partner with you – now more than ever – to ensure we can provide a high-quality learning experience for each child.

SCIS. A Collaborative Community.

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