​After a much-needed spring break, our community has diligently returned to a virtual learning program. As we face a prolonged period in front of computer screens and other devices, it is important to keep in mind the importance of keeping a good posture and staying active.

To help, we’ve teamed up with our friends at XpertHealth to give you some simple tips and easy-to-follow exercises that everyone in the family can do at home.

Tips to Improve Body Posture:

Ergonomics, or the study of how to optimize things people use so that the two interact most efficiently and safely, can help us improve the way we sit. Proper ergonomics can reduce the risk of injury, improve comfort, as well as the efficiency of workers and students by fitting the environment to them.

The following are some excellent ergonomic tips for sitting:

1. Adjust the position of your computer & keyboard

Center your device in front at elbow level.

2. Set your screen at eye-level

Adjust your computer/device so you are looking at the top third of the screen.

3. Keep arms and shoulders relaxed to the side

Have your elbows rest comfortably by your side.

4. Be sure that your chair allows your feet to rest flat on the floor

Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet are parallel to the floor, use a footrest if necessary.

5. Keep your head and upper body upright

Keep your back straight and shoulders back.

6. Support your lower back

Use a chair with lumbar (lower back) support, or use a cushion, such as a pillow, in between the back of the chair and your back.

Simple Exercises to Maintain Good Body Posture:

Along with tips for sitting, two XpertHealth trainers, Kelly and Rachel (also a SCIS Athletic Trainer) will walk us through five simple exercises to maintain and improve our posture during this time of virtual learning:

Virtual learning, just as much as working from home, requires us to sit in front of a computer, or other devices, for long periods. It is, therefore, so important for us to avoid sitting in a bad posture and to regularly stretch and exercise those muscles that we use throughout the day.

As we continue to navigate through online learning at home, we hope you will find these tips and exercises useful.

A big thanks to our friends at XpertHealth for their contribution. With offices in Shanghai and The Netherlands, XpertHealth is an international health tech company with a strong culture and vision. XpertHealth started in 2016 in China with preventive, performance and medical programs for B2B and B2C, while also focusing on digital health. 

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