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10 Ways for a Successful Start to the School Year

The 2021-2022 school year is less than two weeks away! We hope your summer has been full of rest and renewal. It is exciting that in a short while we will be welcoming our students back to campus and be together again! 

The beginning of a new school year involves a lot of change as you and your child get to know new teachers, adapt to a new environment, and your family moves into a new routine. We hope to do our part in the process to make this transition as smooth as possible. In order to do that we have prepared some helpful tips. Here are ten ways to help you and your child get back into routine and start the new year with your best foot forward! 


1. Be Prepared.

Use a planner, align your & your child's schedules and check your email for important updates at the start of the school year! 

2. Talk About it.

Communication is key! Your child may feel nervous or hesitant about going back to school. This is normal! Ask your child how they are feeling about the new year, what they feel uneasy about, and what they look forward to. Discuss an action plan for what they can do to ease their nerves before their first day. 

3. Find a Routine.

What works best for everyone in your household? Ease into it and practice a few days before school starts. Have dedicated homework time, mealtime, create a good morning & nighttime routine for you and your children. 

4. Reconnect!

Make time to reconnect with friends before school starts. Whether over the phone or making time to meet in person, reach out! This can be helpful for both you and your child. Set up play dates for your child to reconnect or get to know their fellow students. 

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5. Sleep.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for learning, energy, and overall health. Aim for 7-9 hours a night. Limit screen time to at least 30 min before bed, dim the lights, read a book, stretch, play a family game, or any other activity that allows you and your child to relax and prep for the night. 

6. Use your Planner.

If applicable ensure your child knows what important dates they can put in their planner. Keep track of homework. extracurricular, family events, or social commitments. This will help you and your child plan, track due dates, and ease anxiety!

7. Eat a Healthy Breakfast.

Start your day right, improve heart health, brain function, and digestion with a nutritious breakfast. Everyone’s bodies are different, but most do well by aiming to include whole grains, a source of protein, a healthy fat (avocado, whole egg, chia seeds), and even veggies (sautéed spinach/kale in your morning eggs) in their breakfast!  

8. Prepare a Backpack.

Pick a lightweight backpack with wide padded straps, multiple compartments, and a waist strap. Don’t overload! Keep your child’s backpack at no more than 15% of their body weight. Pack heavier items closest to the back and lighter items in the outer compartments.

9. Get a Wellness Exam!

It’s a good idea to visit your family’s pediatrician for your child's annual wellness exam and sports physical. This ensures that you can address any health matters before your calendar fills up with school and extracurricular activities. 

10. Ask Questions.

Have questions about the start of the new year? We are here to help! Click on "Read more" below to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have! 

We hope you found these tips helpful as you transition back into the new school year stress-free for you and your child. See you soon Dragons!  


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