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Around the World with the SCIS International Cooking Club

Guest post by:

Renata Sommer, Sumitra Kaul, Kate Heid, and Lily Pasaribu-van Lankveld. , SCIS Parents and founders of the SCIS International Cooking Club.

Every year, we all look forward to the many exciting events that take place around our campuses. These are fantastic opportunities for SCIS families to come together and celebrate what makes us unique – our diversity. 

One such staple SCIS event, the International Food Fair (IFF), has become a true tradition within our community. Unfortunately, due to restrictions in place concerning the virus outbreak, we began this school year knowing very well that IFF would not be possible.


Feeling inspired, rather than put off by the cancelation of one of the biggest events of the year, a handful of us came up with the wonderful idea of SCIS’ first-ever International Cooking Club. 


Celebrating our International Diversity

It seems like this was something people had been waiting for for a long time. Within a day of its creation, the club grew to more than 80 members. What began as a sincere initiative of a few country ambassadors is by now a well-established club, even after only three organized occurrences.


The format is simple: open your home for a group of SCIS parents and cook some of your home country's favorite dishes. It doesn't have to be difficult dishes, with the main purpose being to share the love of food from one’s country and connecting with the community.

We think of it as a very small scale (pandemic friendly) IFF, in a more intimate environment, where we get to showcase our countries’ food.


The fact that we meet in such small numbers at our own house, makes it so cozy and familiar. In that way, people can connect very fast. Apart from the big plus of really learning how to cook a country dish, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the big variety of cultures that we have at SCIS.


The Beginnings of SCIS’ International Cooking Club

Three of the four founding members started by giving "workshops" to a variety of interested SCIS parents in their ways. Then, a calendar was sent out and, preceding the workshop registration was possible which was highly anticipated and created a fun buzz among the group members as there is a limit to participants.

Brazil was the first country to kick off and surely, they did! Tapioca crepes with lots of possibilities were on the menu and could be easily replicated at anyone's home with ingredients easily bought in Shanghai.


Next were the Netherlands and Germany who did some seasonal dishes very appropriate to the recent cold weather. Now that some parents have participated, they know how fun it is and offered to open up their homes as well.

Morocco, Japan, and Thailand are slated for January and in February and we hope to soon add South-Korea, as well as Spain. As we would love to offer this special experience to as many parents as we can we hope more countries can showcase their food. Because especially in times of social distancing food is the one that binds us!


SCIS. International Mindedness.

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