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Varsity Volleyball Back on the Court!
SCIS hongqiao volleyball varsity girls celebrate scoring a point

After a full season of amazing growth and learning our volleyball season has come to a close. All players have grown in court awareness, trust among one another, and passion for the game. They have worked hard all season on improving on and off the court with skill and sportsmanship. It was great to see our teams back in action and competing in person again!


SCIS Hongqiao Varsity Boys Volleyball

"We had an amazing season of growth and learning. Our team was young and inexperienced compared to most of the teams we faced but we continued to play with resilience and a strong desire to improve. Our Captains – Henry and Luis led our team to a winning regular season where we had 4 wins and 2 losses. Being back on the court after a long break due to Covid was so refreshing. It was a tremendous season overall – seeing the passion and love of Volleyball grow at our school has been incredible." - Justin Corvers, Varsity Boys Coach

SCIS Pudong varsity volleyball player attempts to block a spike from hongqiao player during dragoncup


SCIS Hongqiao Varsity Girls Volleyball

"After a full season with no competitions in 2020, the Lady Dragons were hungry for wins. Marina and Carola, captains and 4-year veterans of the D1 division, led the team in building valuable court awareness and skills, trust among one another, and passion for the game. The Lady Dragons were undefeated in their season, took 3rd after a tough loss in semi-finals at SISAC, but came back to take 1st place in the ACAMIS tournament to finish the season strong. The quiet power and positive energy of this team on and off the court is every coach’s dream. Congratulations on an amazing season, Ladies!" - Melissa Kirwin, Varsity Girls Coach

the scis hongqiao varsity girls volleyball pose with 1st place trophy at acamis tournament


SCIS Pudong Varsity Boys Volleyball

"The Pudong Varsity Boys opened the season hopeful to compete after a 20-21 year that was filled with optimism to compete but concluded unfulfilled and without league match play. After a year of training behind the scenes, we were excited and relieved to receive the news that we would be able to resume the SISAC competition for 21-22. Players and coaches alike continued to improve in all facets, producing results on the court that reflected the hard work and commitment exhibited in training sessions throughout the season. Dragon Cup proved to be a valuable and rewarding experience for our players, both returning and new, offering game experience and playing opportunities that had been missing since 2020.

Our team continued to persevere, producing our best Volleyball in time for the end-of-season SISAC tournament. Although the Win and Loss column did not reflect the amount of improvement and progress that occurred over the past 2 years, players and especially Seniors, were able to end this season satisfied and content with the experiences collected both as athletes and teammates. Our departing seniors (Lucas, Rupert, Ben & Anders) have been model ambassadors for our boy’s Volleyball Program, leaving behind a legacy of hard work, improvement, and sportsmanship. Underclassmen are already looking forward to returning for the 22-23 season, ready to compete and build on the successes of this season. Go Dragons!" - Joshua Vanta, Varsity Boys Coach

scis pudong varsity volleyball boys team huddle around coach
scis pudong varsity boys volleyball celebrate scoring a point


SCIS Pudong Varsity Girls Volleyball

"The Green Dragon varsity girls came into this season eager to be back on the court. The team was led by coaches Emily Johnson and Darcy Linton and 11th-grade captain, Sasha. Though a young team, the girls started the season off with a win, showing consistency with their serves and a powerful net game. As the season progressed, the team continued to settle into their roles on the court. Highlights included a win on Senior Night and a closely contested final for the D1 Plate, resulting in a second-place finish." - Emily Johnson & Darcy Linton, Varsity Girls Coaches


Hongqiao Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball

"The JV Boys worked hard towards improving their overhand serve percentage, serving to receive consistency, being loud and positive in their on-court communication, and going for the aggressive third hit on offense. Due to the boy’s dedication over 3 months of practice and games, the team tremendously improved their leadership, teamwork, and volleyball skills. At the SISAC Plate tournament, the JV Boys played their highest level volleyball coming 1st overall! " - Leah Brownell, Junior Varsity Boys Coach


Hongqiao Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

"There was a lot of hard work this year that resulted in an overall improvement in skill and sportsmanship. The JV girls used every practice and every game to assess and evaluate their strengths to ensure progress and success. The season ended with an amazing SISAC Cup tournament hosted by SAS Pudong where the girls showed their teamwork and determination to compete in the final match and take 2nd place overall. We are all looking forward to our next season! " - Jennifer Lively, Junior Varsity Girls Coach


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