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Becoming Creative Contributors to the Cultural Community at SCIS

At SCIS, the arts program is robust and well-rounded, fueled by teachers who are as passionate as they are talented and knowledgeable about their subject.  

Our students are taught the whole creative process. From critical observation and thinking to reflection and presentation, our students are constantly being challenged to express their artistic selves. 

Across both the Main Hongqiao and Pudong campuses last week, our MYP and DP students showcased their creative personas through drama, music and visual arts.  

If you missed out on last week’s events, scroll down to check out some of the highlights.  


Joy, Anger, and Fear 

At the Pudong campus, the spotlight was on the seventh and eighth grade art students’ culminating performance of visual arts, drama and music. The captivating showcase and exhibition explored three powerful emotions: Joy, Anger and Fear.  

To kick off the event, the Visual Arts students presented their gallery of acrylic paintings, while sharing the artistic elements of capturing human emotions through form, texture, color, and more. 

Next, the Theater students performed a series of student-led drama pieces that emphasizes movement and motion at the Black Box, a multi-purpose performance space. In addition, the Music students provided both live and digital pieces that set the mood precisely.  

Congratulations to the students for their brilliant work as creative contributors to the cultural life at SCIS. Thank you for the dedicated and innovative work of our Arts Department: Ms. Cara Whiteside, Ms. Susan Ogletree, and Ms. Shreya Sethi. We look forward to the next round in the Spring! 


Arts Week  

Over at the Main Hongqiao campus, Arts Week was a captivating week where the Upper School students got to perform and exhibit their latest in-progress creative works.  

Arts Week started off with an exhibition of the MYP and DP art students’ innovative gems including acrylic paintings, illustrations, charcoal portraits, and more. 

To turn it up a notch, the Drama Dragons conquered their stage fright and put on an Academy Award performance that led to a standing ovation.  

And the party doesn’t stop there. Next, young aspiring musicians and singers delivered spectacular shows from contemporary classical to indie rock. We even added a new performing space in the cafe for students and faculty to play the piano. 

To finish the week with a bang, special guest DJ Mau Mau turnt up the floor with his DJing skills. In addition, students had the chance to experience a DJ workshop led by DJ Mau Mau. It was truly a grand opportunity for students to expand their knowledge about performing arts and music technology.  

Let’s give an applause to our visionary Upper School students who performed and participated in Arts Week, and a special thank you to our talented Arts Department for putting on an immersive journey: Mr. Matthew Tollitt, Mr. Mark Turner, Mr. Glen Fleury, Ms. Rachel Fleury, Mr. Aaron Hoose and Ms. Hayley Tollitt, and our special guest, DJ Mau Mau.  

SCIS. Renaissance Ideal. 

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