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Behind-the-Scenes of the SCIS Safari Scavenger Hunt

While many of us are far away from our home country, our students, teachers, parents, and staff choose to call SCIS their second home. Our warm and dynamic group of faculty and staff truly showcases the uniqueness that makes up the DNA at SCIS.

Led by Melissa Kirin and Tamara Afanasyeva, our SCIS faculty got together on a sunny Saturday to run around Shanghai for a safari-themed scavenger hunt. Check out what our SCIS faculty got up to during the fun-filled scavenger hunt.  

Across several departments, teams were formed and were faced with several challenges throughout the city. But first, matching attire is a must!  

The test of survival of the fittest was upon them! From walking, biking, running, to even posing... these challenges were tough to overcome.  

Did you complete those challenges? Photos or it did not happen.  

And what is a scavenger hunt with no prizes? Or is true bonding the real prize...  

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