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Beyond the Accolades: Athletics at SCIS Hongqiao

Written by Justin Corvers, Athletic Coordinator at SCIS Hongqiao 

When you participate on an athletic team you have the opportunity to share the joy of victory, the sorrow of defeat, the sense of growth, and the deep connection that team sports can provide. Regardless of the level of competition, teams have the power to bring out the best in people. Teams give athletes a place to build strong lifelong connections, memories, and life skills that they will take with them beyond their time in the sport. They provide an opportunity to learn about perseverance, commitment, and sportsmanship and to push ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of on our own.  

At SCIS, it is the connections, memories, and transferable skills that we want our student-athletes to walk away with. Over the years we have experienced a lot of success across all levels of athletics. However, success and achievements come as a byproduct of the hard work, commitment, and talents that our students put forward – winning is not our focus.  

We asked a few of our current student-athletes and alumni to share some of their experiences of being a Dragon athlete. 


What do you enjoy most about being on a SCIS team? 

Ashika G. (Class of 2024): I have played on many sports teams at other schools, but SCIS is unique. The community is very strong, and it really feels like everyone knows everyone. This makes being on a team here so much fun! Even across grade levels, the school is pretty tight-knit and that shows when you join a team. 


What is one of the best memories you have of participating in athletics at SCIS? 

Oscar H. (Class of 2020): One of my best memories is when we won ACAMIS Volleyball for the second straight year. We were playing against KAS on their home court for the championship game, filled with cheers for the home team. We won and it unleashed the stress and pressure we had during the whole game. I remember everyone on our team just started jumping and celebrating and it was a moment that I will never forget. 


What have you learned through being on teams at SCIS?  

Didier C. (Class of 2025): Participating in athletics at SCIS has taught me many valuable lessons that I continue to apply in my life today, such as effective ways to reach a goal, understanding how to perform well under pressure, and how a junior teammate can offer to the group. The discipline, hard work, and teamwork that I developed through sports at SCIS are something that I am proud to carry with me.  


What have you learned through being on teams at SCIS? 

Daisy Y. (Class of 2023): You don’t have to take everything in life so seriously! You encounter so many challenges and defeats in sports that it teaches you not to take it personally, but instead use it as a chance to improve yourself both physically and mentally. 


What is one of the best memories you have of participating in athletics at SCIS?  

Bonni C. (Class of 2026): My best memory was the ACAMIS Badminton tournament in Shenzhen. Despite the team’s difficulty getting to Shenzhen with the constant flight delays and cancelations, we kept an optimistic attitude. After leaving Shanghai very early in the morning and many hours of buses and airplanes, we walked into the gym just minutes before our first game - we played with all our hearts, gave it our all, and won that first game which I think is something I am very proud of and will stay in my memory for years to come.  


What do you enjoy most about being on a team at SCIS?  

Hikaru M. (Class of 2023): I enjoyed all the practices and games but there were also a lot of fun moments outside of these set times. Eating pizza with teammates and coaches, student vs staff games, and the time spent together with teammates during tournaments. Even though I am graduating this year, I will not forget the moments I’ve spent with the SCIS athletic teams. 


What is one of the best memories you have of participating in athletics at SCIS?  

Ingrid Y. (Class of 2023): If I had to choose the “best” moment, it would have to be the ACAMIS Volleyball finals earlier this year. Although we started low, the team fought back and eventually took the win. This experience showed the team's determination and supportive attributes alongside a strong connection that we had built across the whole team. This ultimately led to a successful performance, showing perseverance and strong sportsmanship. This made me feel accomplished and proud of the growth that we have experienced over the past few years.  


What did you enjoy most about being on a team at SCIS?  

Cindy Chen (Class of 2020): My favorite part was the swimming relays at competitions. Swimming is mostly an individual sport, but in relays everybody gathers at the end of the lane to cheer each other on, so loud that you can hear it when you are underwater. I loved the camaraderie of being on a team and training together with my friends after school every day. 

Athletics at SCIS provide a safe and nurturing space for students to further connect with their community while they explore and expand their passion for the sport. It is our hope that through our program students discover a lifelong appreciation for team sports and the many rewards that come along with participation. It is never too early (or too late) to get active and get involved!  


Go Dragons! 

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