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Celebrating the Year of the Dragon: A Joyous Lunar New Year Across SCIS Campuses

As the Lunar New Year unfurled its wings, Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) embarked on a week-long celebration across its three campuses, ushering in the Year of the Dragon with grandeur, cultural richness, and a spirit of unity. 

SCIS Hongqiao Main Campus: A Theatrical Rebirth 

The festivities kicked off at the Hongqiao Main Campus, where the grand theater, resplendent with new renovations, marked the dawn of a new era. Daniel Eschtruth, Director of Schools, delivered a touching speech, encapsulating the significance of the theater in fostering creativity and expression. The red rope-cutting ceremony symbolized a collective commitment to excellence. The day continued with an invigorating Temple Fair, where SCIS students showcased their talents in Chinese cultural performances. The celebrations culminated in the traditional lion dance, adding a burst of energy to the main field. 


SCIS Hongqiao Early Childhood Campus: Fun and Festivities for Little Learners 

Meanwhile, at the Early Childhood Education (ECE) campus, our youngest Dragons from Nursery to Kindergarten reveled in the joy and excitement of Chinese New Year. Accompanied by parents and teachers, the little learners immersed themselves in the dragon dance and a lively atmosphere. Cultural activities such as calligraphy, dragon jump, and receiving red envelopes added to the festive merriment. 


SCIS Pudong Campus: A Festive Extravaganza 

On the opposite side of the Huangpu River, the Pudong campus came alive with a day brimming with games, assemblies, and, of course, the iconic lion dance. Parents joined the festive celebration, creating a memorable experience for families either staying to revel in the festivities or departing to celebrate the Year of the Dragon elsewhere. 

The unifying thread across all three campuses was the collective joy and sense of community that permeated every event. As SCIS embraced the Lunar New Year with open hearts, the celebrations served as a testament to the school's commitment to cultural enrichment and fostering a global community. 

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