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Making New Connections with our Host Culture and Each Other

Our Hongqiao Upper School students had the opportunity to participate in their extended overnight China Trip! This unique learning experience has allowed them to develop more interpersonal and team-building skills as well as enhance their understanding of Chinese culture. For the second year in a row our China Trips have been centered within Shanghai. This year the trip took students to Chongming Island, Chanxing Island, Haiwan Park, and Dianshan Lake!  

Limits were tested and obstacles were overcome as students took on every challenge with enthusiasm and care. They worked together to navigate on their rafts, kayaks, and see first-hand what it is like to work in crop fields. Our students worked incredibly hard and had such positive attitudes as they enjoyed these new experiences.  

Not only do these trips provide practical knowledge and connection with our host culture but also interpersonal connections with each other. Upper school students bonded over preparing meals and fun activities as they learned how to live and work together over the past few days. 

Thanks to all our amazing teachers, our excellent providers, and especially the students for another highly successful round of China Trips!  


SCIS. Knowledgeable Inquirers.

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