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Community Corner | Sticking Together Through Thick and Thin

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our highest priority has been the health and safety of every member of our community. We understand that keeping each individual healthy and safe requires constant vigilance by the entire community. This effort and our shared commitment to it is a warm reminder of how the ‘C’ in SCIS is more important now than ever before.

Now that we’ve entered a new year and a new era, Catherine Kang, our Lower School Counselor at SCIS Hongqiao, has kindly provided a list of available resources that may help and bring our community closer through group support, counseling, and even Chinese New Year camps to keep the kids active during the upcoming holiday.


Relationship Building and Maintenance

From January 2023, Dr. Bojun Hu will be leading a series of support sessions on relationship building and maintenance every Saturday from 10:30-12:00. Participants will learn to speak with their childhood selves with compassion, understand the impact of their difficult childhood experience on their current relationships, and tune into bodies, emotions, and ways of relating. If interested, please call 400-639-3900 for more information or scan the QR code below.  


​Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL)

From February 2023, Dr. Yu Li will be leading a series of support sessions on Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL) every Sunday from 3-4:30. Participants will gain an understanding of eating disturbances and of one’s personal relationship with food; recognize cognitive patterns that lead to unhealthy eating habits; and promote inner body positivity.  If interested, please contact Dr. Yu Li for more information by emailing her at yu.cummingham@ufh.com.cn.  


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Yoga Camp

Bushido offers Chinse New Year sports camps for children who want to stay active. This multilingual camp integrates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reactive training, Muay Thai, Mobility, Yoga and S.A.Q. into the training program. Ages 4 to 16. If you are interested, connect with Bushido staff on the WeChat QR code below. 


Art Camp: Bunny Hops & Brush Strokes!

A super cool winter art camp designed for children to enjoy a range of creative activities in a safe, warm and comfortable environment (yes, at home!). Supplies are included and will be delivered home so children will have everything they need to create their own art pieces at home! 


Cultural Experience: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming up! Find out all about Chinese New Year (CNY) traditions in a fun and informative online presentations weekly by Cultural Keys in January. For more information, contact culturalKeysCCC via WeChat or scan the QR code in the flyer. 


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