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Cultural Craft Fair - A Trip Around the World

On Saturday, May 22, our Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) along with our Country Ambassadors organized the highly anticipated Cultural Craft Fair(CCF). Led by the Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Events teams, our PAFA put on another memorable event celebrating the many cultural identities that make up our SCIS community.    


The SCIS Country Ambassadors are parent volunteers who generously donate their time and energy representing their country in the greater school community. Hosted by the gracious Big Bamboo in Laowaijie, this year's Cultural Craft Fair saw seven country groups participate including China, Southeast Asia (SEA), the Dutch Speaking group (the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname among others), South Africa, Korea, Japan, and Germany. 

Each country group planned one to two crafts for our SCIS students to create. The crafts were creative and fun and thanks to the help from our SCIS Upper School volunteers and our PAFA Event volunteers, children took home ten crafts!    


Cultural Craft Fair Passport

Upon check-in, each participant was given a CCF Passport that would be stamped when they visited each country. At the China table, children created Chinese lanterns and fans. In the SEA Corner, they painted a beautiful batik. At the dutch speaking tables, children were guided to re-create paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, like "Girl with the Pearl Earring."  


A newcomer to CCF, South Africa helped children to create their kalimba, or "thumb piano" simply using bobby pins and wood. Outside on the deck, the Korean group offered the option to create headbands or back scratchers. The German community painted garden gnomes using recycled materials. Lastly, the Japanese country group taught participants to make origami and sushi rolls.     


SCIS parent, Bryce Jenner, graciously offered Big Bamboo to host the event and each ticket included a kids' meal. The Big Bamboo staff members helped accommodate our needs to make the event safe and accessible. Families were able to eat and enjoy the day, as well as have fun making crafts.  


Thanks to the many volunteers from PAFA and the Upper School volunteers for making this event a success! As the SCIS ECE PAFA team's final event of the year, it was so much fun! We are already looking forward to Spring 2022!    

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