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The First Day of School


The first day of the 2021-2022 school year at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) has arrived! We are so happy to have the school walls filled with students, teachers, and staff once again. Teachers have worked hard the past two weeks to prepare for this day and we are thrilled at how well the first day has gone.  

There was much excitement from teachers and staff as the busses approached. They were able to greet each student upon arrival as they began making their way to their first class of the new year. The halls were filled with warm welcomes, excitement, and eagerness to get started. How wonderful it was to see so many familiar faces as well as new ones and welcome them into our community.     

This year we are lucky to be able to welcome so many wonderful families who have joined our school community. It is a blessing to be able to continue to grow and learn together each year in both our Hongqiao and Pudong campuses.   

Thank you to all students and staff for their cooperation and work to make our campuses as healthy and safe as possible. In continuation to last year, our number one priority will always be the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community. We appreciate that our community cares deeply and is dedicated to ensuring that our students enjoy a safe and positive educational experience.   

There are many learning opportunities and challenges to face ahead but we are excited to be able to take on this new year together with this fantastic community.   

From all of us at SCIS, we wish you a great year ahead and look forward to joining in this learning experience with you.   

SCIS. Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon.

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