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Five Ways to Prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences

The first Parent-Teacher Conferences of the 2021-2022 school year are quickly approaching at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS). Conferences are a great way to continue fostering the school-to-home relationship, bridging the gap between the classroom and home. They provide a meaningful space for important discussions about your child’s personal and academic growth. It is a fantastic opportunity to see how your child is progressing and set goals for the remainder of the semester.   

Here are ways that you can get the most out of parent-teacher conferences to set your family up for success: 

1. Allow for a two-way conversation  

Expect to talk and listen during parent-teacher conferences. The conference is a time to learn about your child’s progress in school and find out if they are meeting expectations. This is also a good time for teachers to learn about your child. As parents, you have different perspectives to share, so be sure to share your thoughts and feelings about your child and how they are at home. Tell the teacher what you think your child is good at and not so good at.   

2. Review your child’s learning beforehand  

Conferences tend to focus on how well students are doing in their studies and how they can improve. Look at your child’s homework, tests, and assignments before the conference and prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask their teacher.  

3. Have an open mind to take on opportunities and challenges 

Teachers want our students to succeed and so be ready to hear positive feedback about your child’s progress and areas for improvement. Be prepared to ask questions about ways you and the teacher can help your child take on challenges they may face.  



4. Tell your child what you discussed. 

Allow your child to be part of the conversation once you return home. Talk with them about what you discussed with their teacher. Take time to listen to their thoughts and provide constructive and supportive feedback.  

5. Make a plan 

After your discussions with your child and/or their teacher, plan for how you will proceed through the semester. What steps will your child take? How can the teacher assist within the classroom? What steps will you take to support learning at home?  

Information you obtain from the conference can help you engage with your children about what they are learning in the classroom and provide them with much-needed support. What’s more, you will be able to support their learning and development in meaningful ways. We look forward to seeing you on campus this week! 


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