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Positively Contributing to a School in Need!

Grade nine service-learning students at SCIS are positively contributing to students around the world. A great effort was put into raising funds and awareness for the Magazine Community School in Chipata, Zambia. Students organized and led multiple fundraisers to support this school. From a t-shirt sale to creating a short documentary to an hour-long "March for Awareness", grade nine students were determined to make this service project a success. Ms. Alison Roberts, the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Coordinator who guided this project, and a few of the grade nine students share some insights into the details of their projects.

Ms. Roberts: The Magazine Community School and how this project came to be. 

“I met my good friend, Mwansa Chilufya in Shanghai. Mwansa moved to Zambia and began working for the Magazine Community School (MCS). I have visited the school multiple times to observe, assist in teaching, and lead teacher training sessions. MCS has a big heart for students and providing them with the best education they can. 

Service opportunities can be limited as foreigners. Students have been seeking more meaningful ways to support others and with MCS needing assistance I saw the perfect opportunity. It was a time where all of grade nine students came together to raise awareness and money to help another community.  

Service changes your character, changes your worldview. That’s what I got to see in my grade, nine students. Allowing them to do something, that’s time-consuming, and hard work but is meaningful can be a powerful transition from lower school to upper school.” 

Anangha & Ananya: March for Awareness 

Anagha & Ananya: “The March for Awareness was to raise awareness while educating and engaging others. It was one hour long, and we prepared questions and gave prizes to educate and keep people engaged. The course started from the field, went up to the gym, and back down. There were stations along the way...they would stop at each to read and answer questions about the MCS.”

Would you host a fundraiser again?  

Anagha & Ananya: “We would do a fundraiser again. I think we could repeat the same thing and maybe continue this project every year for ninth graders.”

What is something you want to share about the Magazine School? 

Anagha: “Their eagerness to learn even though they don’t have enough materials. They share books and benches...I think we should encourage students like these and give them supplies so that they can broaden their understanding and learning.”

Ananya: “I would want to promote their eagerness to learn and let people know that there is hope for them. We can help bring opportunities to them.”

Federico & Samuel: Magazine Community School Documentary  

Why did you make a documentary about the Magazine Community School?  

Federico: “We both take film and are in the process of creating a documentary, so we found that it was a good idea to use our skills that we learned in class and apply them to service.”

What is the biggest takeaway from this service project?  

Samuel: “The big differences that there are between the schools. In one of the classrooms, they didn’t have enough seats for everyone, and some students had to sit on the floor. That is a big contrast to this school and how we have plenty of materials.”

What is something you want to share about the Magazine Community School? 

Samuel: “Donate, because they need materials and financial support. It’s not that they just don't have space they also need time, they need help to build.”

Sarah, Clara, & Claudia: T-Shirt Fundraiser Sale 

What attracted you to sell t-shirts to raise funds? 

Claudia: “It was a way to show our support by wearing our T-shirts and be able to raise money for them.”

What has this service project taught you?  

Clara: “Communication and collaboration skills. We had to collaborate and communicate to get the orders and make the design for the T-shirts. It was a great experience.”

What is something you want to share about the Magazine Community School?

Sarah: “They need finances. Donate and let people know that many students want to learn more, and they need more classrooms and space to do that. Many people want to study so we have to help them.”

Grade nine embodies what it means to be a positive contributor and self-directed learner. They took the initiative to spearhead each fundraiser or awareness campaign. They researched, problem-solved, collaborated, and personally reached out to the Magazine Community School to learn the best ways to support them. We are so proud of Grade nine’s heart and the impact that they are making around the world.  

For more information about The Magazine Community School or to donate please contact Alison Roberts through WeChat at altroberts.  


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