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Hongqiao Spotlight | Following Your Passion Pathway

Written by Scott Simmons, Upper School Vice Principal and DP Coordinator at SCIS Hongqiao

One of the best features of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at SCIS is the agency it provides students. When selecting courses in the Diploma Programme (DP), our students can pursue a path that best fits their contexts, both now and in the future. This means students’ schedules are bespoke, allowing them to explore courses that align with their passions.  

Additionally, at SCIS our teachers are building their capacity to ensure our students can pursue their interests. An example is the DP Design Technology course offered in Group 4 Sciences. DP Design students exhibit the characteristics of a good designer: problem-solving across disciplines, establishing concepts that underline methodology, and developing innovative products to meet user needs. 

SCIS also recognizes students have a variety of passions. Current DP students can pursue their passion for the Arts by taking one of four Group 6 courses – Film, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. The programme allows students to showcase their passions through exhibitions and performances that double as assessment components. Our students’ passions shine when they talk with community members about the motivation behind the pieces. Their love for the subject is apparent when performing original compositions influenced by explorations into new cultures.  

SCIS students also support other students to find and explore their passions. Through the Dragon Fit initiative, students engage in redefining health, expressing habits and happiness, and participating in monthly initiatives. 

In February, DP students Alice M. and Mary M. encouraged Grade 6 students to set health goals and consider lifestyle choices through their Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) project. Daeyeop K. and Rayeon (Ryan) K. contributed by setting challenging SMART goals around their sleeping and exercise habits, emerging as examples of healthy lifestyles at SCIS. 

To pay it forward, DP students in their final year provide guidance to students as they enter the programme. On March 23, students convey their passion for subjects by presenting content, concepts, approaches, and assessment details for DP courses. This guidance provides valuable insights for our incoming cohorts as they follow their passions. 

SCIS adheres to the key elements of the IB programme by providing a broad, balanced, conceptual, and connected curriculum. We emphasize the importance of learners making connections, exploring the relationships between academic disciplines, and learning about the world in ways that reach beyond the scope of individual subjects. Our students have authentic opportunities to connect their learning to the world around them. In so doing, SCIS Dragons are able to follow and develop their passions in deeply meaningful ways. 


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