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Inspiring our Students' Passion

By Daniel D. Eschtruth, Director of Schools at SCIS

Every person has an innate gift or talent that has the potential to make an impact not only on themselves but also on others and on society. To harness these talents and turn them into something useful for the community, there needs to be the presence of one key attribute: passion.  

Passion comes from identifying one’s personal purpose. Once a personal purpose is identified, this allows a person to give his best self to the project and to others, and ultimately leading to innovation that would prove to be useful for society. Or at least, that is the hope.  


At SCIS, we believe that identifying one’s personal purpose comes primarily from curiosity. Curiosity about the nature of things and events, and how they can elevate this into something better.   

As a school, our role is to foster a culture of curiosity that develops into a passion that will in turn inspire innovation. As educators, our role is to help nurture this culture of curiosity and cultivate it to the point of creativity.  

Curiosity and creativity are aligned with the IB learner profile attributes such as inquirers, thinkers, and communicators. Both are held to the same level of significance as the process of learning but also are the main drivers for the holistic development of the students.    

At SCIS, we strive to provide an environment using the 3 Cs:   

  • Challenging – through the questions we ask  
  • Championing – through the discussions we run in class  
  • Cheering – through the recognition we extend  

We continue to challenge our students to probe deeper into their curiosity, champion their innovation, and cheer on their achievements. We ensure that our classrooms keep our students inspired to learn, as learning is rooted in curiosity. Our teachers encourage questions in discussions that will further clarify concepts and ideas, conduct activities that demonstrate outcomes, and seek alternative solutions to the established ones.    


“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.” – Albert Einstein 

We work hard at preserving an environment that not only produces ideas but, of equal importance, develops a quality of character amongst our students – such as openness, flexibility, and fair-mindedness that are supported by inquisitive and creative thinking.  

When you look back at the things that gave you the most meaningful experiences so far in your life, are you able to trace these back to moments where personal passion may have been involved?    

Passion gives meaning to the things we choose to do in our lives. It makes us realize something about who we are deep down.  Could you name at least one thing you are passionate about in your life that came about from your own experience of being curious and acting on this curiosity?  

Inspired by Passion features in our Communitas School Magazine, a publication written by and for our community and features some of the initiatives and accomplishments at our individual campuses.


SCIS. Knowledgeable Inquirers.

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