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Lights, Camera, Action: The 17th Shanghai Student Film Festival

Amidst the vibrant lights and bustling creativity, the 17th Shanghai Student Film Festival unfolded on March 22nd and 23rd, marking an extraordinary milestone for our talented students. Enthusiastic teams embarked on the exhilarating 4x4x4 film challenge, a riveting battle of wits and artistry against fellow schools, capturing the essence of Thames Town before weaving their magic within the hallowed halls of SCIS Pudong.

Anticipation mingled with excitement as 28 captivating films graced the screen, each a testament to the ingenuity and passion of our aspiring filmmakers. The crescendo of this cinematic symphony unfurled at The Pearl, where accolades adorned the deserving shoulders of our students, heralding a new era of achievement in technical prowess and cinematic excellence.


4x4x4 Challenge

1st Place (Junior)

Zazu Varnai, Eino Ruotsala, Gunit Rana, JobGarcia Roman, Arthur Heil de Mattos, and Viktor Hansen


3rd Place (Junior)

Jin Lee, Giacomo Read, Erik (Leo) Havgarde, Ilyas Kris Arnal, Christian Van Den Broek


3rd Place (Senior)

Federico Cordischi, Samuel Blanchard, Miguel Ortiz, Seungha Pang, Tim Uchtmann, Gui Boaro


Upper School Awards

IB Final Film

Highly Commended

The Proposal

Federico Cordischi and Gui Boaro


Highly Commended


Samuel Blanchard, Miguel Ortiz, Tim Uchtmann, and Seungha Pang


Narrative Film

Highly Commended

The Price of Love

Federico Cordischi, Francesca Cordischi, and Arthur Heil de Mattos


Music Video

Highly Commended

Golden Hour

Eino Ruotsala and Gordon Woo


Best Animation

First Place


Minsol Kim, Zazu Varnai, and Gunit Rana


Best Music Score

Highly Commended

The Proposal

Alex Podolny


Best Sound Design

3rd Place

Set the Table

Zazu Varnai


Best Cinematography

Highly Commended

I See You

Sofia Tsapily


Best Editing

Highly Commended

The Door

Lloyd Nkuna


Lower / Middle School Awards

Music Video

Highly Commended

Aarohi Vasavada and Liah Tapia Perez



1st Place

Step Into Nature

Catherine Chen and Sophie Liu


Highly Commended

Social Anxiety

Quinn Chapman, Aryan Balivada, Radbeh Yousefi

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