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Principal for a Day!

Principal responsibilities were handed over to Pre-Kindergarten student, Inez, for a day! Inez was able to take the lead as principal thanks to her parents who had bid on the Principal for the Day gift at our 7th Annual Charity Art Auction last month. All proceeds from this auction went to Heart to Heart, a Shanghai nonprofit that provides support and financial assistance to underprivileged Chinese children who require heart surgery to repair their congenital heart defects. Inez reflected the same spirit of generosity through her day of guiding the Early Childhood Education (ECE) campus as principal. She put dedication and care into every decision she made to better those around her. Let us look at how the day went for her!  

Inez showed up putting her best foot forward with her professional dress and school badge. She greeted children at the busses and proceeded with a morning walk through the school to ensure that everyone had arrived safely and assisted those who needed it.  


Inez took a break from checking in on the students to go over the calendar for the day, sign important documents, and make a phone call. She showed great organizational skills as she prepped for meetings and chose what books to read to classes.  

Then, it was back to the classrooms where she listened to the concerns and needs of students and teachers. Inez then made important decisions about the lunch menu, the purchasing of bicycles, and the places we should show families on tours of the ECE campus. Her number one request was that the entire school community say hello to each other all day at school.                                 

At the end of the day, Inez waved goodbye to the buses before hopping on her bus with a gift pack, photos, and a certificate. Before she fell asleep, she shared with her mom that she needed to be Principal the next day too as there was, “so much to do.”  



We asked Inez a few questions about her day as principal. This is what she had to say! 


What was your favorite part?

Visiting the classes.


What was the hardest part?

Having to say hi to the all the school buses.



Did anything surprise you when you learned what principals do?

I did everything I thought I had to do except I had to write and sign papers. I also bought new toys for the school like special bikes.


What’s one thing you would change about the school if you were principal again?

I would change signing papers. I would add drawing so I could draw and write.


How was lunch?

Lunch was great! It was better than the kid's lunch.


Thank you to everyone for welcoming our new principal for the day and thank you to Inez for being a great example of leadership!

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