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Recap | 7 Reasons Why Back-to-School Night is a Must

Despite Covid-19 protocol and the challenges of Typhoon Muifa, we held successful Back-to-School Nights across all three campuses. Principals, teachers, and parents all mingled through the night, finding out what is in store for the upcoming school year.  

Attending your child’s back-to-school night comes with an array of benefits. Not only will you become familiar with the faculty and classroom, but you will also have a peace of mind knowing more about where your child spends most of their time during the week.  

Here are 7 reasons why Back-to-School Night is a priority for your child’s academic year.    

1. It’s a chance to ask questions.  

The more questions, the better. Back-to-school night is the perfect chance to question your child’s teacher about expectations, classroom rules, and teaching style.  

2. You’ll learn how to help your child at home.  

Being able to help your child at home, both academically and emotionally, plays a huge role in their success at school. Back-to-school night provides an opportunity to talk more in-depth with your child’s teacher about what you can do outside of school hours to facilitate improvements in the classroom.  

3. You gain a sense of the classroom environment.  

Visiting a back-to-school night can give you significant insight into the classroom environment. Gauge how you believe your child will interact in their classroom setting, whether they will thrive or need a little help.  

4. It helps build relationships.  

Back-to-school night ensures that parents and teachers are on the same page when it comes to the child’s best interests. Building a solid foundation of communication is essential for a smooth school year.  

5. You give and get important contact information.  

When you meet with the teacher, you have a chance to ask how and when to contact them during the school year. You will also be able to provide your own contact information, which can help you feel more reassured about your child’s safety and well-being.  

6. It creates more confidence.  

Back-to-school night helps build the relationship with the student too because it is more of a one-on-one situation instead of all the children at once. Children try harder when that relationship is there and feel more comfortable asking for help.  

7. It shows that you value your child’s education. 

Back-to-school night shows teachers that school is important to the family, and it is a message to the student that it is important too. Not only does it demonstrate your appreciation for your child’s education, but it shows that you are committed to building and maintaining essential relationships.  

Our entire staff, faculty, and community would like to thank every single parent who came and participated in Back-to-School Night, and we hope you received the best out of this essential school event. We look forward to seeing our community being together this coming school year.  

SCIS. Knowledgeable Inquirers.  

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